It can be hard as a new mum to have a bit of “me time”, especially if that would normally involve going out on a night with friends. I know from experience how lonely it can get once the children are in bed, especially with a partner who works away so much. That’s why its important to reach out to community groups online. That way there’s no need to leave the little ones at home and you can save money on the cost of a babysitter too!

That’s why I love a bit of online bingo. I used to love going in person with my friends. The buzz you get when you’re online 2 to go and then 1 to go… The silence of the bingo hall as you’re all eyes down and concentrating. You get that with online bingo too but there’s no fear of missing a number call as it is automated. If the kids wake up from a nightmare or yet another drink, you can pop away from your phone or computer and when you come back the system has kept your bingo cards up to date and hopefully filling your wallet with winnings.

I’m excited to tell you about BoomTownBingo. you probably already compare your car insurance when you need to renew your policy, well now you can compare the best welcome offers and deals with online bingo!

I’ve been taking a look at a new game called SweetShopBingo. First you can read the reviews and see what you think and then link through directly as they have an amazing welcome offer where you get £5 to play with! There really is no deposit required 🙂 Now who wouldn’t want free money to play with?

The great thing with online bingo is that you can chat to all the other players and no-one hushes you or tells you off. You don’t have to pay expensive bar charges either if you fancy a drink and of course, there’s no cost of a taxi at the end of a night 😉

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