Any parent will know just how much extra travel having little ones adds to your life. Whether it’s getting them to school on time, taking extra trips to the supermarket to stock up on food or heading to special events or locations to keep them occupied on the weekends. So, as you find yourself spending more time on the road, you’ll soon notice that there are a few essentials that you need to ensure are in place for the most comfortable, safe and pleasant trip possible. Here are a few to consider.




All vehicles legally require car insurance. However, as your wheels have taken on a whole new importance in your day to day life, you may want to consider upgrading your policy from the bog standard basic deal that so many road users opt for. Third party insurance may be the cheapest option, but there’s a reason for that. It only covers the costs of damage to other vehicles or property in the case of an accident. You need to ensure that your car is covered too, or you may find yourself having to fork out obscene amounts for repairs and part replacements. You may even have to get your vehicle scrapped and invest in an entirely new one. So, avoid unnecessary expense and have a look around the market and find the best comprehensive coverage for your needs. You can find the best deal with Look for policies that have low excesses as well as low monthly payment instalments.


Physical Maps


Nowadays, many road users will use satellite navigation devices or our smartphone maps to guide us on our journeys. However, it does no harm to also carry a physical map of the areas that you frequent. You never know when your signal may fail or your battery may run out. An up-to-date physical map will allow you to locate the nearest toilets (a lifesaver when the little ones are complaining that they need a break), petrol stations and information services. You will truly thank yourself for keeping one in your vehicle if the occasion ever arises that you could do with a reliable map.


Pet Safety Products


Many of us travel with our pets in tow. But you should avoid having your pooch loose in the car at all costs. Their safety is just as important as anyone else’s and a suitable restraint will prevent them from becoming injured if you have to break suddenly. Ensuring that they are kept still prevents them from distracting you or interfering with your driving. Invest in dog harnesses and seatbelts. These will keep your pet in one place and will allow you to get them from A to B in the safest manner possible.


When taking to the roads with your family, always bear in mind that safety is key. You should prioritise this over everything else. Before any trip, ensure that everyone is clipped in. You should also keep an eye on car seats or booster seats, ensuring that they accommodate any growth in your little ones. Once you’ve ensured everything is safe and ready to go, you can set out safe in the knowledge that you have done everything in your means to ensure the best trip possible.