Although it’s sensible to be thrifty, you don’t want your penny-pinching to go so far that you’re unable to have any fun with the people you love. Sometimes, you just have to be willing to splurge for the sake of all of you’s health and happiness.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop saving and start spending lots of money on pointless gadgets and gizmos – no what you should be doing is saving enough money so you can have great experiences together as a family. Here are some tips to help you do that:


Sort Out Your Budget


The most important thing you can do, if you want to be able to afford family fun is to get your budget in order. After all, if you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, you aren’t going to be able to afford a trip to the funfair or an evening at the cinema very often, are you?


While you’re working out your budget, making the sums add up, so you have more money coming in than going out, it might be a good idea to start building up an emergency fund, and perhaps even talking to a probate lawyer like Ronald Fletcher. Why? So that if something terrible happens to you, your family won’t suffer and will still have the funds to bond together when you’re gone.


Start a Holiday Fund


If you save just £10 a week for one year, you’ll have £520. This won’t be enough to get you on a family holiday to Disneyland, but it is surely enough, especially if you make use of vouchers and offers, to get you a decent caravan or camping holiday in the UK. If you save more, then obviously, you’ll be able to go further afield. This is something you should make a real effort to do because, spending quality time away as a family will not only bring you closer together, but it’ll also ensure that you make memories that will last forever.


Look into Local Memberships


If you have local attractions, such as zoos, museums and children’s play places located close to you, it’s worth checking out if they have a membership scheme. Memberships tend to be much more affordable than the cost of admission if you visit even just once every season, so they do make a great investment if you want to have family fun on a budget.


Invest in Home-Based Entertainment


You might baulk at the cost of the latest Nintendo games console or how expensive board games have gotten, but if your family enjoys them, then investing a few choice pieces of home entertainment will ensure that your family has lots of fun without spending lots of money over the course of a year. You can always buy used to keep the costs down too!


Look for Free Activities


Of course, most towns and cities have a whole host of free (or low-cost) and even subsidised activities ongoing throughout the year, so it’s always worth seeing what the local leisure centre, council and other community groups have to offer if you want to have fun on a shoestring.


You really can’t put a price on family fun, but as you can see, you can lower the cost!