The need to supplement a main income with a side hustle is an attractive option for many people, especially given the cost of living situation currently. When it comes to personal finance, a great way of earning an extra bit of cash is by moving into the world of online work. For some, making money online can even turn into a full-time job too.

Making money isn’t easy, but there are certainly some options worth exploring online, especially if you’re able to do it in your spare time. The earnings you make from the internet could enable you to finally afford that dream holiday or finally do some renovations in your home. Of course, there are multiple opportunities to make money online, but not all of them provide the security that other online opportunities do. For example, some people might explore casino gaming in the hope that they can be victorious and then process a withdrawal with ease. In truth, though, it’s hard to win. Additionally, some people will spend hours filling in online surveys for very little in return. As such, it’s important to find an online money-making opportunity that can actually provide some decent returns, be it in the short-term or in the long-term. Here are four common options below.


Create an online course

A fantastic opportunity for people with a valuable skill or knowledge in an area of expertise, creating an online course can be lucrative if you get it right. After all, why wouldn’t you monetise your knowledge if you could? Thanks to go-to options like Udemy, there are people who will want to learn from you and gain an understanding of a subject you know about first-hand. It could be something like maths or an entirely different option like something around health and fitness, but you can guarantee there will be people willing to pay you for your educational information.


Start a YouTube channel

Most kids of today are aspiring YouTubers or esports players, it seems. Well, for us adults, becoming a YouTuber is a genuine option also, especially if you’re passionate about a certain subject or enjoy making people laugh. YouTube is home to a variety of content. All it takes is a bright idea or a funny video proposal and you could build up a large following. Once you do, brand deals could start rolling in, and you’ll make a solid income from the ad revenue money that is generated by the people who view your content.


Make money with affiliate marketing

While it can take some time, affiliate marketing is a popular money-making scenario for many people. In order to truly examine this potential opportunity, you’ll need to create a blog and then grow it accordingly. From there, a number of affiliate marketing opportunities could come your way. Once you’ve agreed a deal with a major brand, you simply strategically place affiliate links in your blog posts to drive traffic to your affiliate partner’s website. It’s that simple. While this idea is a slow burner if you don’t have an established blog, it can lead to big earnings in the future. If you have a passion or an opinion you’d like to share with the world, blog about it.


Consider going freelance

Similar to the aforementioned motivation behind setting up an online course, if you have a skill that is needed by individuals or large companies, then why not get paid for it? For many people, the option of going freelance suits their lifestyle and can provide a solid income on the whole. From graphic design to content writing, the options are extensive.