When you’re running a business, the expenses can really mount up quickly. You might not have a massive budget, and so it can be helpful to make savings where you can. To support your online business to save today, check out these free software tools.


  1. Bitrix 24


If you’re looking for a great free project management tool, check out Bitrix 24. Using this tool businesses can access features for management, collaboration, and communication. The activity stream helps you to keep an eye on project progress and identify areas that require attention. There are several main components to the software including social data and sales management. Businesses can also use Bitrix24 for sales funnels, time management, and task reporting.


  1. ZipBooks


ZipBooks is a free bookkeeping tool, helping small companies to stay in control of their finances. The basic plan includes balance sheets, profit and loss reporting, and quote and invoicing features. Other features of ZipBooks include recurring billing, time tracking, team management and online invoicing. Entrepreneurs can connect their ZipBooks account to their bank account. By syncing the two, it’s easy to keep everything up to date. To save your remote business money, free accounting tools are a great shout. With Zipbooks you’ll learn more about accounting, and improve your financial health at the same time.


3 . Hubspot CRM 


Hubspot CRM can help online companies to manage and enhance their customer relationships. It’s easy to use, helping your company to chase leads, create a better customer experience, and track  interactions.

With the help of Hubspot, you can track your deals, oversee performance and make customer contact profiles. There are several great features to take advantage of including scheduling, marketing synchronization and monitoring site visitors.


  1. Tableau 


Tableau is a type of ‘business intelligence platform’, which helps entrepreneurs to make sense of their data. Using Tableau businesses can visualize and share their data as they please. There are several different components of Tableau software including:


  • Tableau Desktop: This feature is an analytics solution that allows businesses to closely examine their data. Using Tableau desktop, businesses can use their data to answer questions and gain insights.


  • Tableau Server: This is a different product that was made especially for enterprise analytics. A few features of the product include data sharing, content management, governed data access, and dashboard insights.


  1. Total Merchant Services 


When your business chooses Total Merchant Services, you’ll get free processing terminals and credit card terminals. There are several payment solutions available such as:

  • Online processing: These work by providing the same features as a credit card terminal, offering your business a secure web-based option.
  • Wireless terminals: With the help of a wireless terminal, businesses can take credit card payments with ease, on the go.


You can find a credit card terminal available here. Total Merchant Services also provide countertop terminals, and mobile terminals, depending on your needs. With so many free tools available, it’s easy to help your small business make some big savings.