Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, the holidays, or you’re just feeling generous, there are plenty of occasions when you need to buy gifts for your kids. How do you get them something they’ll enjoy that’s also practical and affordable, though?

Well, you don’t need to stress. There are plenty of amazing gift options out there that your children are bound to love, even if they’re not the latest toy or video game. These are some of the best.

Piggy Bank

You’re never too young to start looking after your money. Most kids love getting an allowance from their parents, and if they have somewhere cool to put their money, they’ll probably be more willing to earn it. That’s why a cool and creative piggy bank could be a great idea for a gift. It’s something that they can get enjoyment out of, while also being a practical storage solution for their pocket money. If you’re not sure which ones will appeal to your kids, this selection of piggy banks might help you out.

Pin And Magnet Boards

Nurturing your child’s creativity and individuality is something that’s probably important to you. If so, getting your kid a board to display their artwork and other creations on might be worthwhile. Such a gift gives them an opportunity to show off their work and be proud of it, hopefully inspiring them to keep going and develop their talents. Although pinboards and magnet boards might not seem like particularly exciting gifts, it’s not hard to find ones that are shaped and designed to appeal to children.

Kids Stationery

On the surface, school supplies might seem like a hard no if you’re looking for practical gifts that are also fun. Have you seen what kids stationery looks like nowadays though? Gone are the plain notebooks and boring pencils. In their place are the same utensils but with snazzy redesigns that are bound to get your kids excited. You can find a brilliant range of pens, pencils, pencil cases, and more at Smudge, where cool designs are a requirement for all of their kids stationery. If your children want something cool to show off in class, this vibrant selection of kids stationery is bound to be a great gift.

Comfortable Kids Chair

A chair is another gift idea you probably hear about and think, “what child would be happy to receive this?”. However, there are plenty of comfortable options out there that provide the same support for your kid while also giving them something fun and playful. From firmer beanbag chairs to small, padded armchairs, you’re effectively spoiled for choice. Plus, there’s sometimes an option to personalize the chair with your child’s name or initials, giving them even more of a reason to love it. They’ll want to spend all their time reading books, watching TV, and playing with their toys from the comfort of that chair.

Bedding and pillows

A kid’s bedroom is the only place that’s truly theirs, so it’s likely that they want it to look as cute or cool as possible. Two things that can really help with that are bedding and pillows. Depending on the size of their room, their bed may well dominate the space, so anything that’s on it is going to stand out. With that in mind, there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate practical gifts like bedding and pillows, provided the design matches with their tastes. Whether your kids are into animals, Lego, or they just really love the colour pink, you should be able to find something that’s perfect for them.

Buying something your children will love that’s also practical might seem impossible at times. However, hopefully, these suggestions have proven that there are so many options out there that easily meet both requirements.