Despite the lockdown that we have all been soldering through, needs will eventually rise and we’ll want to go back outside. Whether it’s to go to the park for some fresh air or just go grocery shopping, we’ll yearn to be back outside and we’ll take our kids with us. However, toddlers get tired quickly, they moan, they get frustrated and they can be loud and boisterous too. One thing that might get them to keep quiet is this cold we’ve been having. The freezing temperatures and the snowfall, can only mean one thing. Winter is about to arrive earlier than we might have thought. So how do you get outside, with toddlers, safely?

Wooly stuff

The number one item of importance, the wooly hat. Well, you need mittens too. And socks. And a scarf. It seems like you need a whole lot of wooly stuff if you’re going to be going outside in freezing temperatures. We recommend a wooly coat or jacket for your toddlers, that will go down to the middle of their thighs so the wind won’t escape up their backs. A parka is a classic choice but a duffle coat is excellent. Duffle coats are great because not only do they have pegs for buttons, but they have overlapping sides. This means they are easy to get on and off, and the overlap of the material provides plenty of protection from wind and cold.

Side by side

The pushchair is of the highest importance because it’s going to be wading through puddles, over wet grass, and sometimes over loose ground like gravel or gritty pavements. So it needs to be strong, stable, provide comfort and warmth. These kinds of Double Pushchairs are just the trick as the Hauck Roadster design shows. Even though the seats are side by side, you still only have 4 wheels. This provides the buggy with a lot of strength and is more maneuverable than the 6 wheeled variants. The wheels are also larger, so they provide directional stability and they maintain speed a lot more. You won’t need to push hard to get the buggy rolling from a stationary status.

Wicked Wellies

Toddlers are messy at the best of times so what do you think they’re going to be like when it comes to the freezing temperatures? They’re going to play in the snow and muddy puddles. A pair of bright wellington boots wouldn’t go amiss. These types of boots were famously worn by the Duke of Wellington in the muddy battles of the 18th century. Simple pull-on wellies are great for kids, as they can put them on without help, and be protected from the rain, snow, sleet and hail. Just make sure that they are made from natural rubber, as these will last longer and not be damaged by roughhousing.

Toddlers are a handful but when it’s snowing, you won’t be able to keep them indoors. You yourself will want to enjoy shopping and going outside again so consider these items on your list so you and your kids can go together.