Have you finally decided to make your dream of learning how to ski a reality? Congrats! You will see that it is a fun activity that will probably leave you a bit bruised but totally happy and excited at the end of the day.

The only problem is that there are so many amazing ski resorts out there that it is hard to choose one to go to. First of all, you want to be sure that the resort you will choose in the end will not end up being a total waste of money. But since we’re talking about your first time skiing, you should go to a place that expects novice skiers and accommodates their needs, along with skiers of other levels.

As you can guess from the title, we are going to recommend that you go to Val Thorens. Why?

  1. It is in one of the most popular ski areas

Have you ever heard of Les 3 Vallées, or in English The Three Valleys? Chances are that you have since it is one of the most widely known and largest ski areas in the whole world. As its name reveals, this area is in France, and more specifically it is in the French Alps. The Alps is not only the highest mountain range in Europe but also the most extensive one, as it spreads across eight countries.

  1. Accommodation in the ski resort

In order to master any skill, including skiing, you need to spend many hours practising. What better way to do that than waking up, eating a good breakfast to get a lot of energy, and hit the slopes right away? You can do that if you search on Erna Low and book the best ski holiday package that includes both access and accommodation in Val Thorens. This is actually a great way to kill two birds with one stone as you deal with the issue of where to stay and what to do to have fun there at the same time.

  1. A wide range of off-piste activities

Since we touched upon fun, let us elaborate a bit more. It goes without saying that you cannot ski all day and all night. When you get too tired or bored, you can take your car or a free shuttle and explore the resort or the area around. There are many activities you can do in order to change up your routine, like going to the cinema, having a spa day, playing a laser game or going zip-lining. And of course, there are clubs and bars that you can visit at night.

  1. You can take up ski lessons

Since you are new to the ski world, you do not have to learn how to ski on your own. You can join a ski school in Val Thorens and take advantage of the experienced ski instructors there. There are several schools you can choose to join, and you can even learn how to snowboard.