The most common searches on Google range from a variety of topics, from Powerball to Pokémon, via Trump, David Bowie and even Brexit. Somehow it says a lot about the way people interact with their favourite search engine. Most users who turn to Google for an answer are looking for an immediate understanding of a contemporary situation or matter. Surprisingly, despite having a pool of knowledge under their fingers, most people don’t sit down to undertake any long and significant research. Instead, they just want to read the obituary of David Bowie or find out a little more about the Pokémon app game. It’s impossible to say whether this is a sign that the human race is getting a little too short-sighted or whether people simply get distracted too easily. Nevertheless, it’s time to sit down in front of your laptop with a warm cuppa and launch a search that will change your life. Here are the top three areas where finding out more and comparing options could save you a lot of troubles in the long term.


Start searching, start saving


Look after your energy consumption

Yes, we get it, the energy costs are constantly rising. In fact, Npower and SSE clients are some of the households that have been hit by the increase in energy prices. There’s no need complaining or waiting for the government to introduce a valuable price cap. In the meantime, you can already search the web for an energy price comparison for your house. You might be able to save hundreds of pounds over a year’s consumption if you switch to a more competitive supplier. Additionally, you can also make the most of your time online to find out about energy-saving bulbs and tips for the winter. For instance are you better off keeping the heating on low at all time or just using a blast of energy when you need it?


Life is no matter to take lightly

If you count more fingers than relatives with a  life insurance, it’s probably because most people tend to think it’s a waste of money. However, insurance is the only thing you pay for while hoping you will never need it. If you apply the same thought, a car insurance or a home insurance is a waste of money too. But these are vital when the right situation arises. The same argument goes for a life insurance. Take the time to research the best options for you and to compare fees and repayment options. A life cover s designed to ensure that your family has all they need and that they don’t need to rely on a comparison funerals to find a service they can afford. It reduces the financial crisis for the survivors.


Giving health all the attention it deserves

Finally, spend some time looking for the perfect private health insurance. It will save you a lot of waiting time and health issues in the long term, and contrary to the common belief, private health covers start at a low monthly fee.


It’s time to make friends with your favourite search engine again and to explore new ways of saving yourself a lot of money and troubles with the right protection and supplier. Google your way to the best money-saving strategy!