home sale signWhen you first bought your home, it would have seemed like the perfect choice. However as time goes on, life can change dramatically. You might have had a couple of children, perhaps started caring for an elderly relative in your home. You could have started working from home instead of going to a workplace, and you might have adopted a number of pets who have become part of the family. It’s not uncommon for a property that once seemed perfect to no longer fit our lives later down the line. In this situation you have two options- you can move, or you can improve. It’s a very personal decision and will depend on a number of factors, if you’re on the fence here are few things to help you decide.

Move: You’re not in a great area

Maybe the area you’re in has changed over the years, and you’re noticing a decline or just more crime and unpleasantness. Perhaps you weren’t too fussed about the area when you first moved into your home, but now you have children you want something safe with good schools, parks and other amenities nearby. You might be next to a busy road, train track or other danger which you’d prefer to be away from now you have kids and pets. You can make all of the changes you want to your property, but if you’re in a bad location there’s not a lot you can do aside from move.


Improve: You love your house

Do you have significant attachment to your current home? Perhaps you inherited it, or maybe a family relative that’s no longer with you helped you to buy it. It could be something that’s been passed down through generations or gifted to you. Maybe it’s significant as it was yours and your partners first home together, or it could be because of the memories of your children growing up in the home that makes you not want to leave. Either way, if you have significant emotional attachment to your property it would of course make sense to adapt it rather than move somewhere new. You could take down the walls downstairs to create a more spacious, open plan layout. A brick built extension could add either space downstairs, or space downstairs with another bedroom or bathroom above. A conservatory, basement conversion or loft conversion could all create more usable space. There are plenty of options if you love you home and want to make it work for your current living situation. You’ll add value too, and don’t be put off if you have bad credit, you can get assistance here about how to remortgage or secure a home loan against your property even without the best score. Since you’re putting the money back into the property, it’s something that’s worthwhile doing.

Move: You want a bigger garden

Having outdoor space is something that lots of families place high emphasis on. A place where kids can run and play and explore. Room for their toys, a sandpit and space to move around freely. It’s somewhere pets can roam and have fun, and it’s a place where you can invite family and friends for garden parties and barbeques. You might want to grow some of your own food or just take up gardening as a hobby- hobbies like this that are cheap, accessible and you don’t have to travel for are useful when you’re a busy parent. While you can increase the size of your house (if you have space outdoors) there are very little opportunities to ever increase the size of your garden. Whether it’s too small, is on an inconvenient slope or is just generally not fit for what you need it for, if you crave more outside space then it’s time to start looking for a new home.

Improve: You’re close to friends and family

It’s important for all of us to have a good support network around us, but especially so when you’re a parent. When you’re tired and stressed, having a family member step in even if for a couple of hours to look after your children can be such a luxury. It could allow you to get some work or some housework done. It could allow you to spend time with your partner, or just have a hot bath and pamper session uninterrupted. If you live in close proximity of friends and family, it could be worth staying where you are- especially if properties for sale don’t come up that often in the place that you’re in. This is often the case in more rural areas where there are less houses overall, or places like desirable villages where people tend to stay their whole lives, and property that does come up gets snapped up quickly. Being further from friends and family might not seem like the biggest compromise but it’s something you’re likely to regret later on. If you’re able to make changes to your home instead then it would surely make more sense to do so.

Move: You want a change of scenery

Is your current location not working for you? Maybe you live in a rural location, and find getting to work, getting kids to school and generally getting everywhere you need to be is inconvenient. It might be the other way around, city life is busy and bustling and you’re fed up with the traffic and pollution. Maybe you crave a simpler and quieter style of life. Either way, if you want to make some big changes in where you live then of course you will need to move. Just bear in mind the difference in house prices between more rural and city locations. If you want to be close to a vibrant city with all of its conveniences, you’re probably going to get less square foot for your money than you would elsewhere. Moving somewhere new can be a fantastic fresh start, so if this is something you’ve been considering for a while then why not go for it?