Retirement allows you to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Many choose to renovate their home.

Why? Excess of time and money during retirement allows you to finally upgrade and make important changes to your home – to make the home better now that you spend more time in it during retirement – to increase value of your home.

Renovating your home yourself:

There are certain jobs you can do yourself, however, you should leave any dangerous or heavy lifting tasks to professionals. Many projects such as upholstering a chair or fixing the legs of a table can be found online and are relatively easy to do with just a few tools.

Contracted work:

You should always thoroughly research the builders/renovators you choose to use to avoid being scammed or being charged excessive amounts. Go with a recommended well-known company.


Most people in retirement have access to their pension which can be used to fund renovations. If you don’t have a pension or don’t wish to use a large chunk of it for home renovations, you can apply for an equity release from your home to release extra funds for you to use.


Renovating your home during retirement is the perfect opportunity to add accessibility features to your home, allowing you to move around your home more easily as you get older. You might find it useful to make the bathroom and shower more accessible, add a stair lift to your staircase, install ramps or set up the essentials that you need every day in the downstairs area to avoid having to climb the steps several times a day.

Upgrading your kitchen:

Your kitchen may just need a few improvements to make it easier to work in. Sometimes the counter is not at optimal height or a pantry that is more accessible could be useful. Is your kitchen arranged in a way that you can easily reach the stove, the fridge and the sink? Some people prefer to not have them next to each other but in the so-called kitchen triangle which makes it easy to reach everything. Lowering a cabinet or placing the microwave in a certain spot could also make things easier in the kitchen.

Make sure they’re worth the cost:

If done correctly, your home renovations can add value to your home. Choose the right renovations and get them done properly to increase property value. Before starting to work on any projects, look up how much the renovation could increase the value of your home and if you could make any adjustments that would make it even more valuable in case you choose to sell your house in the future.