House hunting could be considered more of an art than a science, even to those property agents who regularly inspect and value homes for the market. This is because a house is such a fundamental, varied, and valuable entity that it’s tough to compare them perfectly with one another. Even pre-arranged houses in a new build park will have slight idiosyncrasies, such as one garden having a better view, one getting more natural sunlight during the day, and so on.


For this reason, the chance to maximize value out of your purchase is of course possible. If you’re interested in living a luxury lifestyle on a family budget, your home is the first thing you should consider. In addition, it’s also important to think about just what you can get in certain areas, because of course, a home in the middle of a rural area will no doubt be less expensive than a similar build in the midst of London.


In this post, we’ll discuss a few deciding factors and influences you may wish to keep in mind when house hunting as intended.


Know What You’re Looking For


It’s important to know what you’re looking for if necessary. This sounds quite obvious, but not ever home buyer does this, at least in tangible, written and prioritized terms. Spending a day or two with your partner and discussing that which is most important to you can help you look for that, and from then on, pay for it.


Maximizing value is of course defined by getting the most bang for your buck, but at the same time, knowing what to spend on and what you’re even comfortable going over budget for is just as helpful. For some, this might mean proximity to a local and excellent primary school. For others, it might be something as simple as having an outdoor pool and a garden area they can grow vegetables in. We’re all different, so don’t be afraid to work through these terms and use them as a guiding light to help you move forward and flourish in your search.


Use Excellent Property Agents


Excellent property agents, like Matin Real Estate, are there to help you at every level of your home buying journey. This might sound too good to be true, but not if you use a service familiar with the local area, and those that are on your side. If they’re working with a large portfolio of properties and have a good website, that makes actually inspecting what homes to look at that much easier and more enjoyable. It can also help you look forward to home hunting, instead of feeling totally overwhelmed by the intensive process. That much can help you notice details you may not have usually, while moving forward to a much better and more enjoyable result.




It’s healthy to negotiate, but also to know how to negotiate. Offering a figure way less than the asking price may be completely dismissed and that could sour the potential for any future offers you do make.


That said, it’s not always the case that offering a full asking price without question should be something you dive onto either, because often houses are priced just a little more than they should be in order to gain some working profit. A friendly negotiation can’t hurt, and if anything, offering just a little lower than you’re willing to pay can help you get a better deal when you naturally feel inclined to accept a return offer that still works in your favor. There’s an art to this, but having a property agent by your side can help you make those decisions.


Plan For Long Term Investments


Planning for long-term investments is very important, as almost all homes require work put into them. For some, that might even mean purchasing a run-down barn and converting it over a year, then making use of the land in your surrounding area you also purchased for a steal thanks to the condition of the property.


This takes work, enthusiasm, good planning and of course, good financial assessment, but it may be that if you’re willing to do that, you can save money in the long term. Perhaps your long-term investments are more ancillary. For instance, you may find that investing in a home listed within a protected area of outstanding beauty means that no other properties can be built in the area, and that can totally raise your home valuation going forward.


With this advice, we hope you can more readily maximize value when looking for a new and robust home space. You deserve it.