Every now and again things happen, life happens, and you’re not prepared, and all of a sudden you need some cash and you need it quick. Perhaps your car’s broken down, your boilers stopped working, or dog needs an operation, sometimes things happen which you need to pay for there and then. If you’re already strapped for cash, and you can’t really wait until payday, you’ll probably feel hopeless and useless, but don’t. There are options, and there are ways you can get your hands on some cash quick, and here’s how:

Start With Looking Around Your Home

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how much money you have lying around your house. So, even if you don’t think it, have a look around your home and see what you can find between the seats and around your home.

Get A Cash Advance

Can you get a cash advance from your credit card? The only downside is that you might have to pay for this, but if you need the cash desperately enough, then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. If you’re waiting on payment from a client and you’ve sent an invoice there are ways you could cash that in beforehand. Invoice finance means that you can release the cash which is tied up in outstanding customer invoices, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months for payment. There are sites where you can compare invoice finance to see which is the best option for you, but this works for all types of businesses, big and small and offers a fast, flexible and convenient way to manage cash flow and get paid quickly for completed work.

Sell Your Stuff

If you really need some cash and quick then have a look around your house and see what you could sell. You’d be surprised how many things people will buy from old rope to new shoes. Whatever you’ve got around the home have a look and see if there’s anything you could sell. Remember, what is one person’s junk is someone else’s treasure. You’ll certainly get something for your old phone or any other tech as there are websites dedicated to this, so have a look and see what you can get. If not online, then you could try a garage sale to sell the things around your house, this will get you some money pretty quick, and it will also help declutter your home. Just sell the stuff you don’t need old games, toys, DVDs and clothes. Advertise that you’re going to have the sale to your neighbors and even online if you have a community group on facebook or something similar.

Do Odd Jobs

Does it look like someone across the road could do with their lawn mowing, do you have a small van> Could you offer your services for people moving house? Think about what you’re good at and the kinds of things that people pay for. There are loads of websites now that cater for this kind of thing, check out TaskRabbit to see the sort of thing that people are after and see if you could be just what they’re looking for. Fiverr is another one, depending on your skills though but you could make some money. If you have a skill such as graphic or web design, SEO writing, or video animation, then you can make a lot of money and quickly on Fiverr.

Ask a friend or family member for a loan.

This might be awkward, it might be humiliating, but sometimes it just has to be done, and actually, you never know what this friend or family member may say. So give it a try if you need to, always choose someone who you know has some savings, a little pot that they could dip into and it won’t make a difference to their everyday lives.

Payday Loans

They don’t have the best reputation, so probably don’t use them unless you really need to. The interest rates can be extortionate. But, if you need money today then this is an option, just make sure you’re able to pay it back, or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Get A Side Hustle

Get another job on the side, okay you won’t get paid straight away, but if you think of your primary role as the money you need, then this extra job could just give you the money you want, the money you can play with and have in your pocket. Or it could be the money that goes into your savings. Whatever it is, it’s extra, something you didn’t have before. If you have a decent and reliable car then you could earn some decent money as an Uber driver, they make plenty of money and work their own hours. Alternatively, you could be a deliveroo driver, or there are a number of companies now doing the same model for wither taxi services or food delivery. Or you could simply get yourself some weekend or evening work in a bar – this would also be a great way to meet people, so it’s not like life would be all work work work. Or there are things like setting up a blog, this takes time to build up followers, but in the end, it is an excellent way to make money working from home. There are other things you can do from home just sitting at your laptop; people pay for people to do online surveys or data entry tasks. Check out Clickworker to see what kinds of things are available. While the money for each job won’t be great, the surveys are easy to do and don’t take too long so overall it will build up to give you a nice bit of extra cash.