The global pandemic has sadly left many companies struggling to survive, meaning lots of people have lots their jobs and their livelihoods. If you’re lucky enough to still be in stable employment, it might be worth figuring out some ways you can cut costs at work to help your employer save money. After all, every penny you save goes towards the company’s bottom line; it’s essentially the same as earning revenue. What’s more, helping your employer save money will show that you are a committed member of staff and you are sure to be appreciated for your efforts. Here are some tips:


  • Use Technology Responsibly


Are you guilty of asking your superior to provide you with the latest technology and software at work, even though there are no demonstrable productivity improvements as a result? If so, it’s time that you start to indulge a little less often and stick to the older version slightly longer. What’s more, be sure to switch off all technology at the end of each day to avoid unnecessarily high electricity bills.


If there’s a chance you can keep documents digital by emailing them to people rather than printing them, this will help cut costs on things like paper and ink. However, if printing is unavoidable, consider getting in touch with a managed print service who will be able to help the whole team find a way to use the printer more efficiently and therefore reduced waste. Use double sided printing and reduce your font size to save on paper.


  • Reduce Travel


Rather than catching the train or driving a long distance for a meeting and then claiming the costs back on expenses, it might be wise to start video calling instead. It’s arguably just as effective but a lot cheaper for the company. Plus, you don’t lose time travelling.


  • Reuse and Recycle


Do you bring your own cup/mug into work that you can reuse each time, or do you use the plastic cups provided at the water dispenser every time you need a drink? Your employer will have to replace those cups once they have run out so help them cut back on costs by reusing one of your own. Generally speaking, reusing and recycling is a fantastic way to cut costs, while also allowing you to do your bit for the environment.