There’s a certain guilt that comes with running a car in this day and age. While we all know that they aren’t that great for the environment, especially when you have kids they’re just the easiest and most efficient way of getting around and stopping the dreaded, ‘Mu-um! I’m bored!’ You can bundle them into the backseat, stick on the Frozen soundtrack and whisk them away to the beach, the park, or the cinema, boot full of toys and snacks that you’d never be able to carry across multiple methods of public transport to reach the same destination.


There are loads of ways you can encourage your kids to be more responsible for the environment, incorporating games and activities for them which will encourage a sense of care about the world we live in. But, for when a nature trail just isn’t going to cut it, below are some top tips about how you can keep running a car – just in a more environmentally conscious way.


Put Some Air in the Tyres


If your tyres are a bit on the flat side, this will affect how hard your car’s engine has to work to go at the same speed, and so burn more fuel. Make sure your tyres are full of air and they’ll roll much more easily. The air pressure will depend on the car model so best to check and think about refreshing your tyres every month, especially if you drive often.


Buy Second-hand


It might seem like an obvious one, but when you’re upgrading to a bigger model or if your old car has revved its last, look at places like Hilton Car Supermarket for a replacement. You want somewhere with expert advice, especially if you’re not a natural mechanic, that can suit a car to your needs and recycles at the same time. They will also be able to help you pick the most environmentally (or even electric) vehicle for your next purchase.


Combine Journeys


Do you need to pop to the shops and also run your partner to the train station? It might need a bit more organisation, but try and combine journeys wherever possible. Can you go to a supermarket on the way back from somewhere rather than making a specific journey? Or is it possible to walk or cycle to the shop rather than hop in the car? Think about all the ways you can use your car less and for multiple reasons wherever possible.


Empty the Boot


Carrying excess weight about will mean your car pulling harder and using more fuel to travel the same distance. Think carefully about what you need and take out heavier items for journeys they won’t be useful for.


Avoid that AC


One of the car’s greatest features but, unfortunately, the air conditioning forces the engine to work so much harder and burn through more fuel. If you really can’t resist, make sure you’re getting the filters cleaned regularly as an old or faulty AC system will put more strain on the engine.


The tips and tricks above will save you a few pennies, take the strain off your car and reduce your carbon footprint. Well worth it!