When something goes wrong around the house, what do you do? Is your first step to call in a repairs company and then cross your fingers that the bill won’t be too ruinous? If so, then you’re missing a very easy way to save money around the house. Learning how to do basic repairs and fix various things around the house doesn’t have to be mystifying. In most cases, it’s a fairly straightforward process of elimination to work out what needs doing. Obviously, you have to use common sense as where you apply this attitude – if the boiler stops working, you need a qualified engineer on the case – but there are plenty of other jobs, such as a malfunctioning oven, your MacBook overheating, or other simple technology repairs that you can definitely work out with a little help from the internet, and save on a costly repair bill.


Work Out What The Problem Is


By experimenting – asking questions, pushing buttons and following logic, finding a fix is generally far easier than you may expect. You don’t have to be some kind of technological genius to make simple repairs. By getting stuck in then you find the answers to a lot of problems and teach yourself as you go along.


With something like a phone operating system, many of us just ignore problems or work around them rather than doing some simple investigation to work out a fix. See if the operator provides a way to correct issues by logging onto their website, or searching forums to see if anyone has encountered a similar issue. 


Start by looking into the device settings – these are user-friendly and easy to change, and can actually solve a lot of common errors. If it’s not a device, try digging out the user manual or searching the make and model online to find a PDF of the instructions. If you get faced with a panel of different options, systematically work your way through them to eliminate the incorrect ones. If you’re trying to fix an issue on your computer, then don’t be afraid of investigating the command line. Many find this intimidatingly ‘techy’, but it’s actually linear, logical process. You can search for popular command line fixes and follow the steps, much like following a recipe.


Search For Information


There are a whole world of video repair tutorials out there for the watching, from simple car diagnostics to run on your vehicle, to how to repair your GHD straighteners. It may surprise you how easy it is to replace the heating element in your oven or reset a malfunctioning washing machine. This is even the case with home repairs, where you can quite easily learn how to re-grout and reseal your bathroom or fix and service your air conditioning unit without the need for external help. Even if the job isn’t totally straightforward, and you encounter some problems along the way, there is generally troubleshooting help out there via the manufacturer, or by contacting the person who produced a video tutorial. It’s a good idea to keep a log of what you are doing, just in case the issue you uncover is complex and you do need to call in the professionals – at least you will have done some of the initial troubleshooting and elimination for them, so it may still cut down on a repair bill.