Thinking of selling your property? Hold your horses for a second. Before you put it on the market you may be able to make a few home improvements to it that could dramatically boost its value. This will in turn give you more profit to play with allowing you to climb the ladder or treat yourself to a few life luxuries. Here are some of key ways in which you can boost your home’s value.

Improve your kerb appeal

If the front of your home looks tired and uninviting, this should be the first thing worth fixing up. Repaint the front of the building, fix up any tiles, clean the windows and tidy the front lawn/driveway if you have one. Hanging baskets of flowers and a ‘welcome home’ sign can do wonders, immediately creating an inviting feeling of the homeliness.

Add another living space

An extra bedroom will make a huge impact on the value of your property. This could involve converting an unused room such as an attic or garage, or alternatively constructing an extension. Extensions may give you more freedom with materials and hiring services – whilst there are traditional brick and water construction companies, there are also companies such as Armstrong Steel Buildings BBB that specialise in using steel. You may however have to deal with planning permission. Conversions may be easier to pass through a planning committee, although you may have to make extra adjustments such as fitting a staircase or raising the roof when converting a loft into a liveable space.

Strip up the carpets

Wooden floors are now in vogue. Whilst they can be cold on your feet in the winter, they’re easier to clean and maintain. Consider taking away your carpet and putting down some wooden floor or ceramic tiles instead. Companies such as Balterio now offer easy to install click-fit flooring.

Put some light on the subject

A brighter home is more appealing to buyers, creating a happier atmosphere. If your home feels gloomy, consider ways of brightening it up. This could involve repainting the walls or installing more light fixtures. It could even involve letting in more natural light with mirrors and reflective surfaces such as chrome steel taps and sinks.


Eco-friendly properties are also worth more. If your home is poorly insulated, consider making a few improvements. This could include loft insulation, double-glazing or cavity wall insulation. Companies such as Insulation Express specialise in all kinds of insulation materials allowing you to install it yourself. Alternatively you could hire a professional to do it for you.

Avoid controversial décor

Certain décor choices may deter buyers such as bright bold colours (particularly green and pink) or vibrant wallpaper. Before selling up, consider stripping these back to something more neutral. Also consider replacing controversial flooring options such as chessboard tiles or glittered linoleum.