Keeping your costs down and manageable in the 21st century is a gift; money is the source of most of life’s stresses, meaning that you’re going to want to get ontop of your finances to reduce the stress that you’ll have if they go wrong! But it is difficult to keep on top of it all, so what can you do to make your finances easy to manage and keep them low? Well, if you keep reading, you’ll find out!


Keep One Bank Account


Bank accounts are where we store all of our money, it’s where everything is paid to from our jobs and where it all manages to escape form when we’re paying our bills! However,  having more than one bank account can be a bit of a difficult task to handle, and a lot of people do it. Having multiple bank accounts means that it’s harder to take everything into account; you need to know what money is going in and out where, making it more difficult than it needs to be because everything is going to be a disorganised mess. This is why it’s good to open one main bank account from companies like Santander, they allow you to fold all your current accounts into one big one so you’ll not have to worry about keeping track of more than one account.


Debt Consolidation


The biggest part that makes paying back debts difficult is how many there are; we all have debts from loans, credit cards, mortgages; the list goes on. If you’re paying for loads of different debts all at once, you’ll have multiple payments flying out of your account which can all be hard to keep a track off, and if this happens it’s going to make budgeting a nightmare for the next month! If you miscalculate then you’re going to be in some serious trouble, but luckily websites like exist. These websites offer you a consolidation loan, which pays off all of your existing debt and piles it all into one monthly repayment back to the company. This is easier to track and makes it easier to plan for the coming weeks.


Getting Your Credit Repaired


Credit score is a numerical value that reflects how good you are at paying back debts; and banks will look at this when you’ve applied to take out a loan with them. If it’s poor, then you’re going to struggle getting money from a bank because they don’t want you, however there is a way to fix this and not worry about it. Sites like are able to fix your credit score , meaning that you’ll not have to worry about being declined for an account or a loan ever again.

Doing all of these things is going to keep your finances manageable, you’ll have one bank account, a good credit score and an easier way to pay off all of the debt you owe. If you’re looking for even more ways to keep costs down, then have a look at this, it’s something everyone can do.