Sometimes all you need to do in order to refresh and recharge your life batteries is to change your surroundings and move to a new place, a new country.

It might sound a bit crazy, but life is short and you should not hesitate to do whatever your heart desires.

It goes without saying that that does not mean that you should ruin your life by making decisions without spending time on thinking about the long-term consequences.

This leads to today’s article with 5 questions about living in Cyprus that you should know the answers to before moving them permanently.

What is the Weather like?

Cyprus is an island country where many people all around the world visit in summer. This is not coincidental since it is the perfect period to take advantage of the beautiful and crystal clear Mediterranean waters while also providing a breath of fresh air during the usual heatwaves of the period. Life gets much quieter and temperatures become milder in winter and autumn.

Are You Eligible to Work?

Depending on your circumstances, it is important to have an income so as to be able to cover all your living expenses – of course, this would be a significant thing to keep in mind wherever you were choosing to move to. Whether you have retired from your job, you are thinking of expanding your business in Cyprus or you are going to look for a new job in your new place, you should ensure that you are eligible to live and work in Cyprus. Hiring a business lawyer in Cyprus will make your life easier as you will know for sure what the legal procedure is and you will have nothing to worry about.

Do You Know the History of the Island?

Cyprus is an island with a rich and complex history. Although the island was under the control of Great Britain from 1878 to 1914, English is still widely spoken there and there are many administrative and systematic similarities between the two countries.

You should also study very carefully the events before and after the Turkish Invasion, on 20 July 1974, as its effects are still evident in life on the island.

In which state do you want to live?

After the Turkish Invasion, the island has been divided into two states; the Turkish Cypriot state, which covers the northern part of the whole island, and the Greek Cypriot one, which covers the southern part. It should be noted that in the middle of the island there is a United Nations Buffer Zone, called ‘Green Line’, that splits the country into two, and there are several checkpoints from which people can cross from one state to another.

Is Cyprus in the European Union (EU)?

Cyprus became a EU member in 2004 and its currency was changed into Euro in 2008. Although it entered the union as a divided country, the whole of Cyprus belongs to EU territory but the European law is not applicable in the areas where the government of the Republic of Cyprus has no jurisdiction.