If you’ve never employed skip bin services, the hiring process can prove daunting without an understanding of the procedure, what’s needed, and the industry terminology. Before jumping in unprepared, it’s wise to do some research to familiarize yourself with pertinent information like the sizing, types of containers, waste materials that goes in the bins, and how the system works.

Most skip bin companies offer comparable options and provisions. Some take the rubbish they collect to sorting facilities for the items to be separated into recyclable materials in order that these can be reused. This isn’t true of all facilities, so if this is something important to you, make sure to inquire when booking the appointment for your service.

If you’re unsure exactly what you need, nearly all professional providers like those at Skip Bins 1300 will assist in any way possible to determine the option that might work best for the needs that you have. There are multiple sizes and bins for various types of waste with only hazardous or dangerous items avoided.

** Types Of Waste That Can Go In A Skip

There are a large variety of things that are acceptable for hauling away. It would be a vast list to attempt to name everything you can put in as opposed to merely addressing the things you can’t place in the container. These materials are some of the more common objects that you may not dispose of in the skips:

  • Medical / clinical wastes
  • Asbestos
  • Gas bottles or canisters
  • Electric equipment or appliances
  • AC units, freezers, refrigerators
  • Toxic / hazardous / poisonous items
  • Tires
  • Computer monitors / televisions
  • Diesel / oil / petrol
  • Plasterboard
  • Liquid
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Batteries

If you “hide” items within the bin that are prohibited, and they are found once the container is emptied, most service providers will charge for this in some capacity and return the restricted waste to you. It’s wise to pay attention to the container while it’s in your possession.

There are occasions when people throw disallowed rubbish into bins that are openly displayed in public areas. Regardless of whether it’s yours or not, you will be held responsible for anything in the one you hire. Learn how to implement responsible waste disposal tactics as a homeowner or business representative at https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2020/02/12/4-tips-for-implementing-responsible-waste-disposal-practices-in-your-company/ .

** Requesting Assistance With Loading

When hiring, the cost covers the drop off of the container and the pickup when it’s time to haul away. It doesn’t include any labor in loading materials. If you are unable to load the skip, you might want to consider a different type of waste removal, or the potential for a wait-and-load skip option.

With the wait-and-load, once the box is delivered, the lorry waits for loading and then hauls it away instantly. You don’t actually get assistance with filling the load into the bin. The driver waits inside the truck while you load. The benefit is it’s all taken care of as rapidly as you’re able to load.

** Length of Hire And Collection

For the most part, a hire typically includes upwards of a two-week time period for your project. The collection date can be set at your convenience within that timeframe but takes a couple of days from time of request, so make sure to allow for that. Although there are some companies that offer same-day service as you call. You should just get a quote from the skips companies near you and hope to find one, especially when you need it urgently.

If you believe you will need more than two weeks for your job, simply advise of that with booking. Some facilities might charge an additional fee, but some will extend at no cost. There’s really no expense for the company to have the bin on your property longer than the allotted time unless they need it for another client.

** Safety Rules And Regulations

The council might have safety rules and regulations pertaining to the bins. A good provider will advise of these for a homeowner or business. In some cases, you might need to have lights or safety coverings over the skip. It depends on your location. It’s wise to confirm with your local council.

In a majority of cases, the skip supplier will sustain the cost for any safety measures, but some put the responsibility to the customer. You want to follow all the stipulations to avoid any hefty fines from containers that are situated on a public location. If you have one sitting on private property, you’re generally protected from rules, but always verify regardless.

** Level Loads Only Accepted

You are responsible when hiring the skip to keep the load at the level equal to the side height of the container. You will notice on most of these the words “Level Loads Only” is printed plainly and when you receive the terms and conditions, the policy is specified within these as well.

If you exceed the stated limitations, the lorry driver can choose to deny the haul or request that you empty down to the appropriate level before he takes it. An overfilled unit is hazardous for the driver to transport because the materials have the potential for falling out and causing harm or possibly injuries to other people.

Final Thought

Skip bin providers in Newcastle redistribute the waste materials that they collect as they deem appropriate. Initially, most will take the waste to a licensed transfer station where it will be sorted. Go here to read about Australia’s recycling initiatives.

Depending on the transfer station, the materials will either be used for recyclables or transported to a landfill site for disposal. Some energy facilities receive waste for reuse and the transfer station will supply these as well. As much as can be redistributed will be to avoid overloading the landfills.

A priority for the skip bin companies is to receive as much of the waste business as possible in order that they can prevent waste from landing in the dump sites but rather encourage putting the rubbish back on the market once there has been a new use for it established.

People are taking advantage of the benefits that come with hiring a bin, not only as far as the convenience, time savings, and affordability, but sharing the commitment of contributing to a cleaner environment.