Having a baby is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but it doesn’t come cheap. With so much to buy and only nine months to do so, you might be looking at your budget and wonder how you’re ever going to get it done. Here are some tips that might help. 

Utilise second hand bargains

Babies need a lot of stuff in general, but they grow fast and don’t need some items for very long. Take clothes for example, it’s easy to spend hundreds on baby clothes but realistically they’re going to grow out of them within a couple of months max- especially in the beginning. Utilise second hand bargains, used baby clothes are often in excellent condition for that exact reason- they were never worn for very long. You can save yourself thousands by purchasing second hand prams, nursery furniture and other items so keep an eye out for good deals. There are some items you should never buy second hand such as your baby’s car seat, this is because if it’s been in an accident previously it can make it much less effective- so you need to be sure this isn’t the case. If you buy a second hand crib, always replace the mattress. This is because mattresses that have been stored can accumulate things like mould spores which have been shown to increase the risk of SIDS. But aside from this, ask friends and family who have had children before if they have baby items they no longer need, and check eBay and Facebook Marketplace. You can save yourself a fortune. 

Find a good deal on a car

One of the most expensive things you might need to purchase in anticipation of your new baby is a car. If your current model is old and doesn’t have great safety features, or is so small you can’t fit in a car seat or a pram then this will cause you some issues. Cars can of course be expensive to buy up front, so a company like Quick Car Credit can be the way to go. Use your existing car to part exchange, and then utilize car finance to spread the cost of the rest. Do some research into the best models for families that fit within your budget. 

Create a wishlist/ baby registry

Having a baby is an exciting time for you, but also for your loved ones. Chances are, most of them will want to buy a present of some kind for the baby which is a lovely gesture, but can also really help you out. Instead of them guessing and buying repeats of things that you already have, set up a baby wish list/ registry on a site like Amazon. That way they can see exactly what you need and buy something that’s going to be useful to you. It saves you ending up with tons of one thing and not enough of another, if you add a variety of items at different price points then there’s something to suit every kind of gift buyer. This can be especially useful if you’re having a party like a baby shower or people are asking you what you want and need. It makes it much easier to keep track.