There are many ways a property might succumb to damage that result in the owner having to fork out large sum of money on repairs. Normally it is just general wear and tear that cannot be avoided, but sometimes it can be more than that. Vandalism, for instance, is one way that a property can be damaged, as well as poor maintenance. There are things that homeowners can do to reduce the likelihood of these things happening. The trick is to be vigilant. Monitor your property on a regular basis to ensure there are no minor problems that could potentially become bigger ones if not dealt with promptly. While maintaining a home might feel like a full-time job, it is a better option than letting issues get out of hand.


Apply Fresh Paint


Painting the exterior of your property isn’t just a great way to improve its kerb appeal, it can also protect it against the elements, such as wind and rain.


Protect the Foundations


Cracks in your walls, patio and/or driveway can be fixed fairly easily, but they may be a sign of something more serious. Over time, a building’s foundations settle and shift underground, which can lead to these pesky cracks and even leaks. To avoid this from happening, it’s worth taking the following measures:


  • Install a suitable drainage system and check it regularly for blockages to ensure it’s working as it should. This will move excess moisture away from your property so that it does not saturate the soil and put too much pressure on the foundations.


  • Likewise, it’s important to keep the soil moist during dry spells, because this often causes it to shrink and the foundations move into the newfound gap. Invest in a decent sprinkler to prevent this from happening.


  • Avoid planting trees close to the property as their roots can wreak havoc. They will also soak up all of the moisture in the soil.

Inspect the Roof

As well as protecting your foundations, you should also monitor the roof for missing or broken shingles, as they too can result in leaks. Leaks are important to avoid because, if you don’t, you may be faced with rotting and mould.

Prevent Vandalism

Ensuring your property is well-lit is a sure-fire way to deter criminals, as it eradicates their ability to sneak around and go unnoticed. If the streetlights in front of your property are not working, it would be wise to contact your local council.

CCTV systems are another great way to discourage vandals or thieves, as nobody wants to be caught on camera committing a crime. Perhaps consider installing one in your front and back gardens, which you will probably be able to monitor using your smart phone.