Many people are probably going to be running their car more than usual this winter. Even if public transport is running, you may be concerned about using it. Cars can be great for getting around, but they can be expensive too. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the costs. Here are three tips.

Decide if you need to get a new car now

This may seem an odd money-saving tip, but it’s actually a really important one. As cars get older, they need more maintenance and become less reliable. Eventually, there comes a point when the cost of running an old car becomes more expensive than just buying a new one. Then add in the risk of an unexpected breakdown in the cold and dark of winter.

If you’re in the market for a new car, then take the time to think through all your options. Buying second-hand can get you the lowest up-front price, but you may have to deal with nasty surprises later. Buying new removes that risk but can be expensive. Leasing is often a practical alternative, especially for high-quality, larger vehicles like the Audi Motability cars.

Invest in keyless car fob protector

Keyless car fob protectors, also known as Faraday pouches, are a lot more than a gimmick. Keyless car entry may be convenient, but it’s also a major security risk. Keyless car fob protectors are a serious deterrent but remember they won’t protect you against everything. You still need to think about safe parking, including outside your home.

Three Ways to Save Money on Car Costs This WinterIdeally, you’ll keep your car in a garage or carport. If, however, you have to leave your car in your driveway or on the street, then always lock your steering wheel and your gear stick. If you can leave your car in your driveway, then you might want to think about a domestic parking barrier. Always try to put your car in a well-lit place and hide or remove any valuables.

Invest in a digital tyre pressure gauge

Most of the maintenance you’ll do on your car in winter is much the same as the maintenance you’ll do in summer. You will, however, probably find yourself doing it a bit more often. When it comes to checking tyre pressure, you should do it a lot more often. Cold weather can drastically reduce tyre pressure so you may need to add air regularly.

The main reason for making sure that your tyre pressure is correct is that it keeps you safe. The second reason, however, is that it makes a real difference to your fuel economy. If your tyres are under-pressured, your car has to work harder to keep moving, hence it uses more fuel. What’s more the mechanics are more likely to be impacted by the excess vibrations.

Assuming your tyre pressure is correct, the best way to save money on car costs in the winter is to focus on driving as smoothly as possible. In other words, avoid sudden changes in speed and abrupt turns. This also applies in summer, but you will generally notice the effect more in winter because of the harsher weather conditions.