Whether you are traveling to work, ferrying your children around town, or making those weekly trips to the supermarket, there are some practical ways of saving money on your transport costs.

So, don’t pay over the odds when getting around town, when we have some great ideas you might find useful.

transportation costs

Ditch the car

Many of us enjoy the convenience of having a car, but let’s be honest, sometimes we on it too much. Therefore, consider leaving it on the driveway. Finding alternative ways to get around can be fun. For starters, if you don’t need to go very far, why not consider a mindful walk. Take in everything you can see, smell and hear. You will give yourself and your family the exercise you need by using your two feet. Many schools also offer a ‘walking bus’ service, so join other parents and their children when making those trips to the school gates.

Alternatively, use two wheels instead of four, and use your bike to get around. Of course, you need to take care when bringing your kids with you, though you can buy child seats to fit on the rear of the bike for younger children. I recently bought a trailer for my two boys to travel around in and its a great work out for me too.

transportation costs

Use public transport

Forget the stress of driving and let somebody else take the wheel. There are numerous options, including taking the train, bus or a cab. Uber is becoming increasingly popular, and they often offer free and discounted rides to new customers. Of course, you need to crunch some numbers when considering public transport as it may not always be more cost effective than driving. Use an Uber fare estimator, and make inquiries with local transport companies to work out travel prices to your chosen destination.

transportation costs

Buy a new car

Okay, so we realize you are trying to save money and not spend more than you need too. However, we have already touched upon why changing your car can be beneficial to your bank balance, and you will save money in the long term. New cars are eco-friendly, so not only will you be saving your hard earned money, but you are also doing your bit to save the world as well. Leasing is also a very affordable way of getting hold of a new car at a lower cost. You don’t have to fully commit to having the vehicle either so could save you money if you’re likely to need to change your car in the near future too.


Whether you are driving to work or heading to your kid’s school, why not buddy up with somebody and cut down on fuel costs. It makes sense to share a car with another person when you are both going to the same place. Take it in turns so you can both have a break from driving, and split the travel cost between you.

Compare insurance prices

Driving a car is expensive enough without having to pay high insurance premiums. Do yourself a favor and use a price comparison service to get a better deal. No matter how friendly the salesman is on the phone, your insurance company isn’t your best friend.

Be a safe driver

Finally, you will save money by being a responsible driver. Insurance premiums will be lower when you don’t have points on your license, and you will incur less damage to your car when you drive carefully. Your car and your family will thank you for your safe driving.