spring We may be feeling the full force of winter as it comes to the end of the cold season, but spring will soon be here and it is well worth spending some time getting ready for the warmer months ahead. Spring is a really exciting season. Things start to bloom in your garden and outside, the nights are lighter and the days feel warmer. It also seems to really improve people’s moods which is why so many people love spring and summer. But what could you do right now to start prepping for spring? I thought I would share with you some of the things you could do to step into spring.


Get your spring wardrobe organised and ready


One of the first things to consider would be to get your wardrobe ready for spring. Right now is probably bursting with chunky knitwear, jeans and warmer items. But spring is a great way to start wearing lighter clothing, showing off a little more skin, and branching out in other trends such as skirts and vests. However, you may also want to invest in some new pieces for your spring and summer wardrobe, as well as going back to some of your old favourites. There will always be new trends that you may want to consider, so a quick look online at articles will help you to determine what clothes you want to add to your spring wardrobe, what you may want to buy, and perhaps what you may want to get rid of. Don’t forget, spring can also be a real transitional season when it comes to clothing, so you may still enat to keep some of your winter essentials in there just so that you can layer up according to the weather.


Try out new makeup and hair ideas with spring in mind


With a new season, comes new and fresh ideas with makeup and hair. So you may want to look at some online tutorials on websites like YouTube to gain some inspiration on things you might want to try. You could even consider having a new change of look, perhaps dying your hair a different colour, getting a shorter style or perhaps having extensions fitted so that you can have longer hair. Spring makeup trends tend to be a little more natural, whereas in winter, you may want to look at other options like smokey eyes and a red lip. While you can still do that in the spring you may want to be more adventurous and try new things.


Declutter your home


Another thing you can do is consider decluttering your home. With spring, you may want to think about getting rid of any unwanted things in your home, and perhaps putting away some of the excess of blankets you have accumulated and other soft furnishings that make winter all hygge and cosy. Clutter can also really add up over the winter. Books you have read, magazines and even just feeling less likely to fully clean your home and leave things around can make your home appear and feel more messy. Taking on the clutter is  a great way to get your home ready for spring and summer.


Sell unwanted things online


Once you have started to declutter you may find that you have items in your home that you want to sell online. Thankfully, there are some excellent ways to sell you unwanted things online. Platforms like eBay can be a great way to offload yourself of things you no longer need The thing is, other people may have use for the items that you no longer want, nad you could really boost your income by getting rid of them. Thankfully companies like Shiply can really help you find out the cheapest way to send your items, no matter how big or small. Which means that decluttering doesn’t need to be left for just the smaller items, you could even consider getting rid of furniture and revamping your home in time for the spring and summer months ahead.


Give your home a spring clean


Once your home is decluttered, you could really consider giving it a spring clean. There will always be jobs on the list that you won’t want to do regularly. Getting away with just a quick dust and hoover in the winter, but with summer fast approaching and those brighter days, the natural light can really highlight the areas in your home that need some attention. Dust in areas like the lights or on the top of the furniture. A spring clean can be easy to achieve if you have a plan of the areas you want to tackle. There are some great examples of cleaning checklists online that could help you get started with the ultimate spring clean for your home.


Invest some time into your garden and outside space


Now that the harsh winter is on its way out, your garden and outside spaces perhaps could do with some attention ready for you to enjoy them when the weather warms up. Your lawn may do with some sprucing, your gutters could do with being cleared, and maybe your flower beds or pots that you have need weeding and some attention. Doing these jobs now means that you could begin creating a nice space to enjoy the brighter days and warmth that will start to materialise as the seasons start to change.


Focus on some self-care ready for the warmer months ahead


Finally, spring could present to you the perfect opportunity for some self-care. You may want to consider some preening ready to adorn the skirts and vests in the warmer months. It might even be some attention to your fitness and what you are eating to ensure that you are in the best shape for the spring and summer. There is even a chance to work on your mindset and focus on clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts as your prioritise and plan for the months ahead.


I hope that sharing some of the things you can do now will help you get excited for spring.