Changing your life can be difficult, especially when you try to do something drastic. Want to be more healthy? Then chances are you’re probably going to spend a lot of time researching how to eat healthily, the types of foods to buy and avoid and how to exercise more often. While this can often save you money (especially if you cut down on fast food and other types of unhealthy snacks) it can ultimately end up costing you a lot of money because you need to invest in things like workout equipment or gym membership.

While this seems like a pretty good investment for better health, the downside comes when you give up because you’re trying to make such drastic changes to your life in a short period of time. Most people don’t have the mental fortitude to make large changes to their lives in such a short time, so here’s how you can make small lifestyle changes that will bring out the frugal personality in you.

Learn what it means to get value out of something

Many people think that spending more money on something can save you money. While this is true in most cases, there are many situations where it’s just not worth your time. For example, you might be thinking about replacing your cheap microwave because there are some problems with it. Perhaps the wattage isn’t as high as you think or maybe the cables are too small and you need to move the microwave whenever you use it. While these things can be annoying, is it really worth throwing it out in favour of a more expensive microwave, or is it acceptable to buy something else that’s just as cheap?

As long as the item works as intended, there’s usually no point in buying something more expensive. Take smartphones for example. If you’re content with your smartphone because it does what you want, then do you really need to buy a more expensive one because your friends all have the latest iPhones? Absolutely not! Get the most value out of something that you already own, don’t tell yourself you’ll get value out of something that you spend a lot of money on—it doesn’t work like that. Make the small lifestyle change of accepting imperfections and you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money in the future.

Do the right research to give yourself an advantage

Taking a look on the internet can be a fantastic way to improve your spending habits and learn more frugal habits. This small lifestyle change involves researching and looking up everything before you spend money, even if it’s something small. Think you’re getting enough fibre from your cereal? Think again. Look up the nutritional information and if you notice that the cereal you usually eat is loaded with sugary carbs and not enough fibre, then you may want to switch it out for something else. There are also website dedicated to saving money such as Sunny, where you’ll find some unique money-saving habits to help you conquer your financial situation

As you can see, small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. It usually comes down to accepting what you have instead of being swayed or seduced by an advertisement or something your friend has. Learn to live with what you have and stay frugal.