From the moment a child is born, they will begin to experience the world in new ways every day. Before they even get to school, the learning process has begun. As a parent, you are the greatest teacher your child will ever have. It is your responsibility to stimulate your child’s learning and ensure they get the best start in life.

In this article, we will show you just a few of the ways you can help your child learn. Read on and further your education!

Play with your kids

Kids love to play, and for young children, this is a great opportunity to use their fine motor skills. For example, playing with wooden blocks and finger painting are just two of the ways you can aid your child’s motor development. Learning how shapes fit together in a simple jigsaw puzzle, and discovering new colours through using paint and crayons, are just some of the learning opportunities play can bring. Your kids will also get used to new textures, such as playing in a sand pit, and they will learn new sounds when playing with simple musical instruments.

Visit areas of interest

As they get older, your children will have many chances to visit new places, such as these

school trips to London. However, young children can still take in new sights, whether you are away on holiday, or simply walking around your home town. Everywhere you visit, point out areas of interest, and maybe make up some picture cards with popular buildings and features, and ask your children to keep an eye out for them on your travels.You might even do a similar activity in the supermarket with ‘food cards,’ but be warned that your shopping trip will take twice as long than normal!

Sing songs

Toddlers learn around nine or ten new words a day, and singing is a great way to help them get to grasps with language. Some songs will help them get used to letters and numbers too, so repeat certain songs every day to reinforce your child’s learning. Schools focus on phonics, so have a look at these ‘jolly phonic’ songs which we found on YouTube.

Explore nature

Whether you go for a walk in the park or head off on your family bikes somewhere scenic, there are many places where you can explore nature. You might even let your kids take on a simple scavenger hunt, by getting them to hunt down items of a certain colour.

While you want to be careful, you should still let your children explore the world around them. From smelling flowers at the park to stroking animals on a farm, there is so much for your child to discover when outdoors.

Be a role model

Finally, be reminded that your children will learn valuable lessons from the way you behave. Be mindful of your language, and make sure you say ‘please’ and thank you’ when appropriate. Your child will become a model citizen if you follow good habits, so think before you act, and practice what you preach.