In an effort to be a Thrifty Mum during our home renovations, it can be difficult to pinch the pennies regarding our children’s bedrooms. To provide our children with everything we wish to give them, it might feel tempting to forgo your usual smart spending habits and gift your child the room you believe they deserve. However, like most things, a great result isn’t always correlated with spending vast sums of money. In the field of home decoration, a tight budget can even lead to an excessive amount of creativity on your part, which can lead to a fantastic result no matter which way you look at it. The following tips will help you save money in the places you might not have expected.


Finding beds for your children to sleep in is easier than ever. With online auction houses and specialized retailers, you can now find what you need within minutes and compare prices online. Purchasing unique beds such as cot beds from Cuckooland can help you find that exact item you want for a fraction of the price of those found on the high street, and thanks to these retailers ability to source items from wholesalers, you might find you get a lot more for your money. If you’re wanting to save money, you might consider building your own bed frame, but you must apply the utmost caution in ensuring your children are safe within the frame.


Your child’s decors can stay simple in the early years, but you can also apply a nice few cheap implementations to really spice the room up. Designing a mural with pastel colours and templates can help the room feel creative and expressive of the tastes of your child. It also helps cement the room in fantasy, and that’s important to spurn the imagination of your child. Allowing your child to help in whatever capacity they can (such as helping them hold the paintbrush and applying a few strokes,) can help them feel as though they have contributed to their own bedroom. To a child, that is a wonderful feeling. All it takes is a little creative ambition, some cheap paints and maybe a template.


To take this attitude towards the main decors further, why not let your child decorate their room with their creations? Allowing your child to draw pictures and place them on the wall with blu tack can help them feel as though they are designing their space. This works well if you are renting an apartment and are limited in the decoration you can bring, or if you simply want to save money. This is great because you can also change these pieces of artwork over time, maintaining that feeling of pride in your child but also giving their room a fresh look every few months. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a method of better spurning the creativity of your child.

These tips are sure to help you and your child decorate their bedroom for cheap, and with no small amount of fun in the process!