It can seem odd to talk about trade show events in the middle of a global pandemic. However, while venues are to remain shut for now, we can expect rapid changes as soon as lockdown restrictions ease in the UK. In other words, trade shows could come back more quickly than expected. For a lot of businesses, it could be a unique opportunity to be seen and heard by your audience. However, you need to be prepared to react quickly and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. 

If you’ve started an online, home-based business during lockdown, this will be the chance to bring your venture to the next level. Ultimately, not all companies will be able to adjust in real-time to the end of physical restrictions. Therefore, planning and considering your best trade show strategy can give you a competitive edge. 

Outsource event-related tasks

We can safely say that venues will be offering discounted packages when they reopen. They understand that most businesses won’t have budgeted for business events, therefore, they are likely to provide low entry fees to attract solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses. With this in mind, you can already consider essential trade show preparations. If you haven’t attended an event in the past, it would be more cost-efficient to outsource crucial activities such as event planning or budgeting to professionals. The process will save you time to focus on the things you can do. It is also worth reaching out to an accountant if you’re going to attend an event, so you understand which expenses can be deductible. 

Be ready for customers

Small businesses can use trade shows to boost their sales. Therefore, if you want to attend, you need to consider the best approach to sell your products. It can be helpful to plan a secure storage area on your stand, where you can keep all sales items. Ideally, you want to avoid cash payments, as not every visitor carries cash. Additionally, cash exposes your stand to potential burglary. Thankfully, you can find portable credit card machine solutions that are not only cost-effective but also easy to use. This will ensure you are prepared to tackle demand on-site. 


Be unforgettable on a budget

While trade shows will be difficult to organize for large companies, small businesses are likely to seize the opportunity to shine and be visible. In other words, your venture could end up competing against hundreds of local small companies that offer similar products and services. You can’t use your stand layout to stand out, as your budget is limited. But you can consider simple tricks to be memorable in a crowded space. Offering a free cup of coffee to your clients can be enough to attract traffic to your stand. You can hire a coffee machine at a low cost for the day. Similarly, a creative business card will make sure people don’t forget your brand. 


Essential safety packs

Will covid-friendly kits be necessary when trade shows reopen? It’s a tricky question and one that is yet impossible to answer. However, it’s fair to say that you won’t be doing anything wrong by preparing some hand sanitiser and individual packaging for your goods. 


How long does it take to plan your participation at trade shows? We can expect venues and organisers to give companies only a handful of weeks to prepare when lockdown restrictions ease. This may be too short for large companies to budget and market their participation. But small businesses such as yours can be more adaptable. Seize the chance to shine.