Most creative businesses start out as simple hobbies. People make things or create art in their spare time because they enjoy it, but then they decide that they want to turn that hobby into a business. It’s easier than ever for people to do that and there are some brilliant platforms where you can start selling your products. The problem is, a lot of people that start businesses in this way don’t have much prior knowledge of the business world and they struggle with the logistical side of things. 

Product packaging is one of the big things that creative home businesses have questions about. There are so many options out there and it’s important to consider the cost and how well packaging will protect products in transit. But sustainability is perhaps the most important thing to think about because customers may not buy from you again if your packaging isn’t eco-friendly. These are some of the best sustainable packaging options for creative home businesses. 

Recyclable Rollstock Packaging

You may not have heard of rollstock packaging but you’ve seen it plenty of times. Anything that comes in a plastic pouch, like pet food or coffee, is made with custom printed rollstock film, which has a design printed on it before being filled with product by an automated machine. It’s a very cost effective solution, which makes it great for small businesses. You will need to outsource to a third-party to handle your packaging, but as long as you are making a good amount of sales, the cost will be manageable. You can get some great recyclable rollstock packaging that is made from 100% reused plastic, so you don’t need to worry about sustainability either. 

Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard boxes are a simple but effective solution if sustainability is your primary concern. They’re 100% recyclable and they’re not expensive to print on, so you can still incorporate your branding without breaking the bank. The other great thing about cardboard boxes is that you can order them in bulk and they will arrive flat-packed, so you can put them together and package items yourself from home. This is a great way to get started before you eventually outsource your packaging to a third-party. You can create some very innovative packaging designs with cardboard if you think outside the box (pun intended). 

Plantable Packaging 

Plantable packaging is so popular right now because it’s great for the environment and it turns boring packaging into something exciting. It’s usually made from cardboard or some other degradable material and it has seeds embedded in the packaging. After the customer has opened their product, they can tear up the packaging and plant it in the garden to grow some nice flowers or herbs. This creates a zero-waste option that encourages people to grow plants and boost the local ecosystem at the same time. The only issue here is the cost because it will be more expensive to produce this kind of packaging. However, showing a dedication to reducing waste and protecting the environment will help you increase sales, so it balances itself out. 

Customers that buy from small, home-based creative businesses are very likely to be concerned about sustainability. These are your best options for packaging if you want to be more eco-friendly and attract more customers. 

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