When it comes to life, things can change rather rapidly. One moment you could be on top of the world, the next trying to manage all of your losses. We all know that in order there is the potential for chaos and vice versa – this is something that each of us carries throughout our entire lives. It’s not difficult for small and large things to crop up alike, such as an illness, a new beautiful romantic adventure, a death in the family or landing that dream job. It might feel like you’re currently ‘static,’ but this is definitely nothing more than an illusion.


Is there consistency to be found? Sure. Should you find it? Absolutely. Despite the flowing tides of life, it can pay to find personal value in many things. After all, if you have yourself as the constant, moving through these tides will become easier and you’ll be better prepared to deal with any and all situations.




When it comes to managing your life, often keeping a solid skill set and good career prospects can mean plenty. There are some difficult life situations such as illnesses and disabilities that can prevent you from working, but refining your skillset is usually something you can always find value in. For example, starting a new course in lean manufacturing education or entering a new night class to become bilingual is something you can always apply to refine your competency. There are so many courses on offer, so many skills you could develop, and so much availability online, that it can be almost impossible to miss these opportunities. Investing in your professional development will always pay off at some point, but be sure to go for functional skills that could potentially see benefits in a wide array of areas.


Emergency Prep


You don’t need to plan for the downfall of society, but it can always be worthwhile to invest in yourself through taking time to craft a security blanket. Hiding an amount of money only you know about, keeping adequate savings no matter how tempted you are to spend, and crafting a ‘survival kit’ just in case you need to travel somewhere, or have to contend with difficult weather conditions can give you peace of mind.


Emergency prep might simply mean having your car serviced more often if there’s a problem, taking the time to help your children plan their routes, or noticing when your elderly relative could use some extra living support. It might not sound like an effort in personal development, but you can be sure when this is taken care of, the peace of mind it gifts you will make your daily living much more enjoyable.


The Value Of Friendships


No man is an island. That means no woman, child, or pet is an island either. Connecting with people who truly love, understand and support you will develop you like a tree growing its roots in security. Be sure to only contact people who mean something to you, and try to do your best in giving them a fair shot at friendship. Meeting new people in your community or city, sharing a common interest and pursuing life together will always make your day more interesting, no matter who or how you are. None of us deserve to be alone in this life, so attempting to develop yourself well will certainly help you forge some hilarious, intimate and beautiful stories with the people you enjoy most.


With all that taken care of, we’d say you’ll enjoy a pretty awesome life.