bloggingIn the digital age that we live in, more and more of us are blogging. It may just be as an online journal to record what we get up to, or it may be as a way to express thoughts and feelings, simply for the love of writing. But we are also living in an age where you can make money from your writing and the following that you have built up. Blogging can be many things, and you may just use it as a hobby, or as something to help you land your dream job. But if you want to work for yourself or want to have something that earns cash on the side, then blogging can actually be your job. Just under half of bloggers are doing it for cash, so why can’t you be one of them? Here are some of the ways you can help take a hobby to a job.


Get Noticed


Although blogging is about writing and getting what you want to say or share out there, the only way you are going to make the most money is if plenty of people are coming back again and again and they like what they see. You need readers and followers in order to make money. It is definitely quality over quantity, though, as brands will prefer to see an engaged following, that has a specific interest in what you are sharing, over large numbers with no one very interested.


Get Equipment


While you don’t need too much equipment to get started with blogging, there may be a few things that will help to escalate your blog more easily. You need a laptop or computer as a way to blog, and then a good quality camera. If you’re going to be taking lifestyle shots, a phone may be good enough. But for videos or food photography, a high-quality camera is a must. A good website, logo, and design is a good idea too. You may not have the money up front, but perhaps you could look for a loan with a short term, and you can pay it back with your first paycheck. It will be easier to get noticed if you have some of the gear that is going to help your blogging look professional.


Choose a Niche


What angle do you want to take with your blog? Do you want to be the next Martin Lewis or Deliciously Ella with your blog? Your readers that keep coming back will enjoy your content and will come to expect much of the same. So decide on your niche and then go from there. Try not to go down too many angles as it can be harder to build a following that way, as you may be sharing food content that your travel following aren’t interested in.


At the end of the day, the best thing that you can be doing is keep creating quality content. And again, that is quality over quantity. One great post a week is going to have more impact than three mediocre posts a week.