Buying gifts for somebody who is a big kid at heart can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty difficult. If you want to buy something unique that will seriously thrill their inner child, there are some unique gift ideas here that will help to inspire you. 

A Day At A Theme Park 

Why not take them out to a theme park? This could be a great day to spend together and bond, as well as thrill seek on some of the scary rides! 

A Vintage or Rare Toy

Take this person right back to their childhood by taking the time to find them a vintage or rare toy to enjoy! You can check out places like Vectis Toy Specialists to see what auctions are on and whether you could find something that you won’t find any any toy shop for this person. 

A Virtual Reality Gaming System 

A virtual reality gaming system can be so much fun, but it might not be for everybody. Perhaps another gaming console should be considered if this is not suitable – games like Mario Kart and Luigi’s Mansion can be very nostalgic but great to play at the same time. Just make sure you buy them a game suitable for the system they already have. 

A Polaroid Camera

Who doesn’t love the vintage feel of polaroids? They are so easy to take now too with the plethora of polaroid cameras on the market! 

A Skateboard (Or Something Else On Wheels)

The feeling of being on wheels is so freeing. See if you can find a skateboard, or even roller skates or blades for the person you are buying for. If they won’t be suitable, you could always get them a pair of heelys (training shoes on wheels) and take them right back to their youth. 

Light Up Shoes

On the subject of trainers on wheels, how about light up shoes? If this person likes to dress to show that they are still a big kid at heart, they might just love some light up shoes!  

An Oodie

An oodie is one of the snuggliest things you can wear at home. It’s part hoodie, part blanket, and so warm and soft that you feel like you’re cocooned in a warm hug from an alpaca all day long. It would be impossible not to love one of these! 

A Neon Sign 

Neon signage isn’t just for arcades and dive bars – now, you can buy it for your house, too! If you know this person is partial to an arcade game, diner, or dive bar, they might just love a neon sign of their very own. You can usually find song lyrics, so it could be extra special if you can find their favorite lyrics to go along with it. 

A Disney Mystery Box

Is this person a Disney lover? A Disney mystery box will surprise and excite them! 

A Scrapbook 

Finally, if you know that this is a big kid that likes to get creative, why not gift them a scrapbooking kit? They can have hours of fun documenting all of their favorite memories!