Exactly how far would you go to save money and make the most of your cash? Not sure? Check out the weird, but wonderful ideas for increasing your thriftiness below and it might give you some idea of the extremes you’re willing (or not) to go to in the name of thrift. If nothing else, they should give you a good laugh!


Potty Train Your Cat


If you teach your cat to use the toilet, then you won’t need to keep buying that kitty litter now, will you!


Double Up By Dividing Your Loo Roll


That two-ply loo roll would go a whole lot further if you separated it in half now, wouldn’t it?


Eat at Bad Restaurants


Seek out those restaurants that have a bad rap online and eat at them. When the service is inevitably bad, demand a discount – you’ll probably get one, and you’ll have had a cheap meal into the bargain.


Charge Your Phone at Work


If you have a job, take your phone along with you and use the firm’s electricity to charge it up. Every penny counts.


Take Out a Loan


Not exactly thrifty is it? Well, it could be if you use low interest rate personal loans to play the stock market, invest in Bitcoins or set up your own company! Just make sure you can actually afford the repayments!


Live in a Van


More and more people are taking to van living, which not only allows them to save a fortune on rent or mortgage payments, but also allows them to move their house anywhere they like anytime. It might be tough with a family though!


Condiments Meet Purse


Sick of paying over the odds for ketchup and mayonnaise? Next time you’re at a fast food joint (naughty) grab an extra handful and put them in your bag. It’ll save you a few pennies.


Return Gifts


Rather have the cash? Return all of those lovely gifts that your friends and family are kind enough to present yo with through the year, and you’ll be rolling in it (well maybe, it depends on how cheap your nearest and dearest are).


Park Forwards


If you always park facing forwards, then you will save on your fuel bills because it uses more petrol to reverse that it does to simply move forward.


Book Your Holidays for Christmas


If you’ve been thrifty enough that you can afford a family holiday this year, book it over the festive period, that way you can tell friends and family that you’ll be away, and that they shouldn’t bother buying you present or vice versa, or you can wait until the New Year sales to buy your gifts at a discount.


Send E-cards


Why spend good money on a card, envelope and stamp that are only going to end up in the bin when you can simply send an e-card and save yourself some cash?


Freeze Your Credit Card


It’s pretty hard to overspend and get into debt when your credit card is quite literally frozen into a block of ice. So, if you need a credit card for emergencies or online purchases, but you have literally no willpower, freeze it when you’re feeling weak.


Could you really be this frugal?