When your loved one enjoys a glass of red, then your gift-giving troubles are solved for Black Friday or the Christmas holidays to come. There’s always something that will appeal to them that incorporates their love of wine and goes down really smoothly.

Here are a few ideas if you’re stumped for what to get them this year.

Wine Tasting Trip

VisitEngland.com features several wine tasting tours that are available on UK shores. Surprisingly, it’s not necessary to travel to the Bordeaux region of France to enjoy trying out different wines and walking through a vineyard or wine cellar to soak in the atmosphere.

Holmfirth Vineyard up near Sheffield produces pleasing wines locally and runs a tasting session or walking tour. The Holme Valley provides a location that is high enough to capture the sun to help create grapes suitable for its award-winning tipples.

The Dedham Vale Vineyard is another possibility. Located in Colchester in Essex, this vineyard produces both red and white wines to be enjoyed in picturesque surroundings. The process of making wine is demonstrated and the surrounding area includes two lakes plus the vale, which makes for a pleasant afternoon.

A Wine Cooler

No wine connoisseur can boast of their love of wine unless they own a cooler.

Wine & Barrels have many items to suit the wine lover. Certainly, their Black Friday wine cooler deals at wineandbarrels.co.uk are worth taking a look at to see if there is a model that’s the perfect size.

Also, if you think they’re running short of them, add on a collection of wine glasses as a companion gift too.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Having to carry around your glass as you move about the party is so old hat.

It’s a much better idea to just use a wine glass holder necklace instead. It’s practical, made from non-slipping rubber to provide a grip when it’s hanging around your neck, so you won’t miss a drop either. This present leaves them hands-free to talk in an animated fashion too.

The rubberised necklace is available in black, burgundy, or pink for the ladies. It’s only a few pounds, so it makes for an ideal extra gift on Boxing Day if you celebrate then too.

Cheese Box

The French cheese box from Fortnum & Mason is a classic, stylish gift that goes extremely well with different types of wine. While they sell all year round, they’re popular around Black Friday and also for Christmas as an alternative to a typical hamper.

Receiving a gift from Fortnum & Mason is particularly memorable because they have a rich history going back to 1707 in Piccadilly, Central London. Very few businesses can boast of that.

Not every gift needs to be too expensive. With wine-related gift-giving, there are different ideas all across the price spectrum depending on what you’re looking to spend and how special you wish to make the event this year. Also, bear in mind that it’s possible to enjoy the Black Friday discounted deals and store the gift ready for the Christmas gift-giving season.

A new wig

Alternatively, why not, treat your loved one to a new look without a permanent change, so risk free! Check out Nia wig for a really wide selection of fabulous looks.