New apartments and houses are popping up across the world frequently, and this gives those searching for somewhere new to live some fantastic opportunities to look at. If you are searching for the perfect place to call home, you might consider a new build. Here are some of the things you should know before purchasing one.


While there are plenty of financing options available for those purchasing property anyway, there are some extra options in place for those who want to purchase new build property. The contractors who have built the complex or development where the new build is located obviously want to try to sell as many of the units as possible. This often means that they are able to offer extra incentives to encourage purchases.

For example, those who are thinking about buying a new build should have a look at the CIMB Home Loan. This is just one of the loans and schemes that someone could take advantage of when they are thinking of buying a new build over other types of property. Those looking to get a good deal with their property purchase should most definitely consider what a new build has to offer.

Ongoing Construction

If an entire development is being put up, you need to be aware of what phase of construction you are purchasing. The contractors might be making a development of three apartment blocks with communal buildings and spaces in between (as an example) but this does not mean that everything is being built at the same time.

Therefore, you need to know what phase of development the property you wish to purchase will be in. This is because there is likely to still be a lot of construction noise around the area, which could disturb you. It could even be in the same building if you purchase an apartment unit on a completed floor and there are still others to be finished.

Not everyone likes living in a building site. If you want to take advantage of a new build but are a little cautious of construction noise and activity, you should have a look for a later phase of development, or units that are close to completion.

A Blank Canvas

A new build is the perfect choice for someone who wants to put their own stamp on a property. When you choose to purchase one of these units, you will get to make a lot of important choices about how you wish the property to be finished. These could be as simple as choosing a colour scheme for the walls and floors all the way through to choosing the placement of power outlets and the types of appliances in the kitchen.

If you are the type of homeowner who wants a blank slate from the get-go that they can change to suit whatever their home might be, you should really consider a new build. Older properties have a lot of character to them, and this can be something that you want to hold onto even if it is not your precise style. A new build is a true sandbox and it gives you the chance to experiment and try something new.

Chain Free

A new build is a fantastic option for a variety of homeowners as they are chain-fee. Due to this, it can be a lot easier for you to take a step onto the housing ladder. If you want to be able to move into your home as quickly as possible, searching for a solution such as this is going to be the right move for you.

A chain occurs when you are reliant on someone else to buy or sell a property. If you were to try to buy a property from another homeowner, they would need to find a new place to move onto for the sale to go through and the property to be yours. However, this can be reliant on the place that they buy also finding somewhere new to live, and the chain can keep on building. You will be the first one into this new build, so there is no chain whatsoever. It can make the purchasing process that little bit easier.

Consider a New Build Now

New builds are not for everyone, but they are a great choice for those who want to find a high-quality and modern place to live. With so many new properties being built all around the world, it should not be too difficult to find some sort of new build to suit your needs. They can be a very different experience compared to owning a property that has stood even for just a couple of decades. Take a look at some of the options for a new build in your local area today!