dashcam saves moneyDid you know that some car insurance companies are now offering discounts for drivers who use a dash cam? For example SwiftCover offer 12.5% discount for using this Nextbase dash cam I’ve kindly been sent to review, as it is endorsed by The AA.

Dash cams are small electronic cameras which sit mounted to your front windscreen or dashboard. It then continuously records the driver’s view of the road and traffic ahead.

The Nextbase Dash Cam is super neat. It came in a nice box with simple instruction book and quick start guide. It literally took 60 seconds to unpack it, slide in the memory card, plug it in with the charge cable provided and mount it onto my windscreen.

I pressed the on button, chose my country and that was it! The date and time was correct straight away and we were recording in an instant.
dashcam saves moneyEven the best drivers sometimes fall victim to vehicle collisions so by having a dash cam in place, you’re protecting yourself against any knocks you might receive or any other accidents you might witness

The Nextbase 512GW features a GPS mount to record important location and speed data for your Dash Cam. This means you can track your journey on Google Maps and pinpoint exactly where an incident has occurred, which can be crucial in an insurance claim.

Dash cams are now outselling computers, games consoles and other popular tech. They’ve out-sold sat navs for years, although this is probably because most new cars come with them built in. I suspect this will be the future of new cars too.
dashcam saves money

There’s still a lot of victimisation and discrimination for young and female drivers. A Nextbase dash cam could protect you from lengthy and expensive court proceedings should you know you’re innocent.

If you’d like to get your hands on one for yourself, you can purchase a Nextbase dash cam from Amazon and most other electronic retailers. You can get this very model here.

It records in stunning 1440p QUAD HD, ensuring the footage is crystal clear, with the 140° ultra-wide viewing angle capturing the entire road ahead. The 512GW also features a Sony Exmor R Sensor, which is exclusive to Nextbase dash cams, and enhances the quality of the footage at night and in bright conditions.

dashcam saves money

The Wi-Fi feature in enables you to download and share video and photo files directly from the dash cam to your phone or tablet. The Nextbase App acts as your own personal storage point for all Nextbase clips to share to social media or the police. Or you can add the micro SD card to an adapter and plug it into your desktop or laptop computer to view and download when required.

Did you know you can even make money from your dash cam footage? Read here for how.

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*Disclosure – This post was written in collaboration with NEXTBASE and contains affiliate links.

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