We’ve been looking at our food budget recently and realising that although we’ve figured out meal planning, snacks have become our financial enemy! Whether its a snack for me at the office or kid snacks for the weekend. All these little spends are adding up! I wonder if we could save money with Approved Food..?

This month Approved Food have challenged us to test them out and see if they can save us money. Here’s how we got on…

save money approved food

Who are Approved Food?

Approved Food are an online retailer who sell surplus stock of products that are near or passed their best before date at a discounted rate. You can buy individual items from them or they also do speciality box deals, such as vegan, protein and gluten-free. We opted for a mixture and it took forever to unbox!

How’s it all work?

Sheffield-based Approved Food work with major manufacturers and artisan suppliers to offer products that might be too hard for them to sell, such as those with short best-before dates, cancelled orders, out-dated packaging or even weird flavours (we received some Brussel sprout flavoured crisps!!) Some of the items were boxed together as “cupboard essentials” and pictured below is our “condiments box.”

I was really excited to look through this one as these little extra luxuries are the bits in the supermarket which are normally cut out of our grocery shop when we’re on a tight budget. They really make a basic meal more interesting, especially for the kids! I was also relieved to receive a big pack of loo roll as with moving house recently, I hadn’t done my usual bulk order.

save money approved food

Why do they do it?

Since launching 10 years ago, Approved Food have now processed more than 850,000 order containing in excess of 60 MILLION items! That has diverted more than four million tonnes of perfectly good food from being wasted. When we unpacked everything, it was hard to imagine it all in landfill, being wasted.

save money approved food

Who is buying all these bargains?

Typical customers include busy families and money-conscious shoppers in the UK and across Europe and Scandinavia. As a very busy, full-time working mum, saving money has to be made simple and easy to me and their website is perfect for this! I was amazed to receive some of my favourite cleaning products in the box too!

Aren’t best before dates there for a reason?

Food that has passed its best before dates are safe to eat. However after this date, the brand can’t guarantee that the taste, texture or smell will stay the same. I warmed up two cans of soup this week and one was thick and creamy and the other was thin and watery. Both had the same dates on! I just mixed the two together so we both ate the same meal. They were Marks and Spencer’s soup! I would never have spent so much money on just a can of soup but at Approved Food prices there’s no excuse!

save money approved food

So what did you get in your box?

Approved Food provided us with a mixture of items to try out with my family. Some of the bits were snapped up by the little ones before I could get them into the cupboard!

Here’s some of the items:

  • Noodles worth £3.42 Price: £1
  • Chutney worth £1.49 Price 99p
  • Chocolate bars worth £1.80 Price 99p
  • Box of meal replacement bars worth £25 Price £1
  • Floor wipes worth £2.25 Price 99p
  • Gin worth £10 Price £7.99
  • Soup worth £4.35 Price £1.20
  • Face wipes worth £3.20 Price £1.99
  • Chopped tomatoes worth £4 Price £1
  • Fajita kit worth £3.22 Price £1.99
  • Lager worth £11 Price £3

You’ll notice from all the photos that each item is a really well known brand. I found the fact that they’re household names filled me with more confidence to not mind the fact that the food and drink were passed their best before dates. Plus the fact that there was a WHOPPING £106.40 saving to distract me!

Would you use them again?

Absolutely! Because we know that our budgeting issue is for treats and snacks, I’m definitely going to visit Approved Food next time we need to stock up. Although I think we’re sorted for a while yet! It was great to try out new brands and new flavours with the kids. I always try to pack a lunch and snacks for when we go out to avoid spending money on food we already have in. Our recent trip to the trampoline park gave us a great opportunity to try out some of the drinks and chocolate on the boys and they loved it.

Here’s how you can try Approved Food for FREE

Approved Food have kindly agreed to giveaway a £50 VOUCHER to one lucky ThriftyMum reader.

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Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Approved Food and the goods featured were gifted in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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