yumbles website

What’s Yumbles?

Yumbles is an online food marketplace that sells delicious, healthy and all-natural food made by small independent businesses. Imagine Etsy, but with chocolate…a lot of chocolate as well as cakes, cheese and wine. All my favourite things!

Plus they cater perfectly for all those with lifestyle, dietary and health needs. They’ve even won loads of awards for how special the Yumbles marketplace is.

What makes Yumbles special?

The Yumbles blog is a beautiful array of tempting recipes, fabulous gift ideas. I really love that they’ve made healthier treats so accessible to children too. With nearly 16,OOO unique products and an entire section dedicated to Halloween, this is the perfect site to source your family-friendly treat without feeling too guilty! I’m stocking up on vegan chocolates from Yumbles for this year’s trick or treat bowl.

What I tried

Yumbles kindly sent me and the boys some tasty treats earlier this year to try out. First we tried this amazingly detailed vegan chocolate tool setwhich is just genius.

yumbles chocolate toolkit

The chocolate tools were so detailed – they just looked like the real deal!

yumbles chocolate

We also tried out a tasty selection from a little company called Cocoapod. Ours was the Easter set but they also sell a seriously cute Christmas version too.

yumbles chocolate

I love that just like any other marketplace, on Yumbles you can contact the makers directly if you have any specific questions.

What You Can Win

Would you like to get your hands on this beautifully intricate 700g (!) chocolate skull, plus delivery in time for Halloween? Imagine what an incredible centre piece it would make on your Halloween dining table. would your kids go wild on the site of this amazing treat? Then enter the giveaway below.

yumbles chocolate skull

Halloween Chocolate Giveaway  

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