The back to school season is upon us. and already we’ve been chatting about how we can reduce waste and the impact on the environment in our school lunch boxes.

Thankfully over the summer holidays, we were lucky enough to partner up with WaxWrap to try out their sustainable sandwich wraps. These are the eco-friendly alternatives to cling film or kitchen foil which is what I was brought up using in my packed lunches!

waxwrap giveaway

The cost of eating out, especially on proper family days out with all of us there is our greatest opportunity to save money over the holidays by simply taking a picnic instead. However, I’ve always found sarnies to go soggy from sweating in the cellophane and even using foil can add to the cost of taking a picnic. It all adds up!

waxwrap giveaway

This is why we loved trying out WaxWrap!

They can be washed and washed, over and over, infact they’ll last more than 200 washes. This makes 1m of WaxWrap the equivalent of 200m of plastic! Schools are now so much more plastic aware and its frequently a topic they cover in classes, that this will be a brilliant example for your kids to suggest everyone adopts in the school hall to do their bit to help save the planet.

I absolutely love the beautiful colours and patterns on the WaxWraps. They really brighten up every picnic and add that pop of colour to when I’m taking photos of me and my family on our little adventures.

So if you want to be in with a chance of winning your own WaxWrap bundle, then click here.

The prize will consist of a pack of sheets, a pack of bags and a roll plus a massive smug feeling of how much money you’re going to save going forwards 😉