It can be really tough to keep little ones cool enough during a hot summer, so I’ve put together a top ten list for you to try.

1. Seek Shade

If you do need to go out in the car look for parking spaces to the edge of a car park where there’s plenty of shade. This will keep your car cooler for when you get back to it and make less work for the air-con to kick in once you start driving again. This is especially important for baby and child car seats as the fabrics tend to be black and will quickly absorb any heat from being sat in direct sunlight. When in the garden or a park look for shade here too or create your own with a thin bed sheet on the washing line to cast a shadow for you.

2. Stay Indoors  

If you can, stay in doors in your coolest room which will probably be downstairs (as heat rises) and try to create a through-draught by opening windows to both ends of the house to let the air travel through. Even if it doesn’t feel breezy outside this should create some movement to the air and cool your house down quicker as it will be easier for it to circulate which children will apprecaite.

 3. Home Made Lollies 

Make your own ice-pops for children to keep them cooler for longer as you’re cooling them from the inside. You can also make children their own ice-lollies either by freezing breastmilk or small yoghurts. You can make these with ice cube trays and sticks from craft shops or buy baby specific ones which are reusable like these.

4. Paddling Pool

If you have the luxury of a swimming pool, then I’m jealous and you’re probably already taking your children swimming as we speak. If not (like most of us) a paddling pool might have to suffice but even if you don’t have one of those to hand, then simply take your baby bath or bucket into the garden and in the shade let the kids play around with the water.

5. Ice and Fan Combo

If you have an electric fan in your home but you feel it is making little impact, add a bowl of ice in front of it. Instant air-con for free (unless you bought your ice!!)

6. Cool Towel

Pop your baby in a swim suit and soak a towel, lay this out on a suitable floor and let your baby roll about and play at poking the water out of it or you can do the same with a hand towel and roll it up and pop it around their shoulders for short periods. If you don’t fancy getting them wet but still want to keep them cool then you could opt for a piece of genius kit called the Stay Cool Ice Towel. Sports professionals use it but it’s great for children too as you soak it, rinse off the excess and then place on them but it doesn’t get them wet!

7. Cooling Spray

Fill one of those empty body spray looking bottles you get in those airport kits with water and let them play around with it. Regular squirts over the face will keep them cool or you can but actual cool sprays like Magicool, which is great for babies who can’t squirt it on themselves yet.

8. Cool Mat

We already had one of these for our pooch but I think it will be a really clever way of keeping ThriftyBaby cool at night if I pop it under his cot sheet.

9. Stay Hydrated

Breastfed babies will get all the hydration they need from their mums and will probably be asking for more milk during this heatwave but bottle fed babies will need an extra hand to keep hydrated by topping up their water intake. We’re currently weaning and trying to get ThriftyBaby on a cup which has so far proved a bit difficult but then we started using this 360 Degree Cup on recommendation from a relative. Its the nearest thing to the suction a bottle requires so makes it easier for them and the unique top of it means he can approach it from any direction and still get water out. We’re still working on this but I’ve seen a huge improvement.

10. Steal Air-Conditioning

Ok, well it’s not really stealing but try to list the places locally which have air-conditioning and simply hang out there! This morning we went to baby cinema (as pictured) at our local Cineworld and were in the cool and dark all morning with access to iced drinks. Other places which nearly always have air-con are museums and art galleries which also tend to be free (bonus!) SO why not make this heatwave an opportunity to visit some new places. Even a trip to your local airport to see the planes take off and land might be fun for older children.


Let me know if you’ve found other thrifty ways to keep cool this summer!