free & discounted LEGOLEGO is a great gift. It’s not cheap if you’re buying new though. So here’s some places you can find free & discounted LEGO.

1. LEGO Rental Club

If you or your child is obsessed with LEGO then you’ll love this idea. For a monthly subscription of £12.99, you can choose from 150 different LEGO sets to received in the post. You then build it and send it back. It is such a simple concept and I hear a huge help for parents who utilise LEGO therapy, particularly for children with autism. LEGO in the post, who wouldn’t want that?!

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2. LoveTheSales.Com

This site is really clever because they’ve partnered with over 600 stores worldwide to share whenever they have a sale. It makes it so much easier as you can search “LEGO” and it will bring up items across all the sales. Because of this you can find discounted LEGO merchandise too e.g. clothing, books, accessories.

3. LEGO Shops

Every month, LEGO stores hold a free event for kids aged 6-14 called monthly mini model build.

At this free event, kids will learn how to build a LEGO mini model and then take it home. There’s a different one each month. You might need to register in advance so find your local LEGO store here.

free & discounted LEGO

4. Hold a BLOC Party

Many local libraries have LEGO clubs but even if yours doesn’t you could start a LEGO library or just hold a one off BLOC party where you can swap old sets for new. Find your local library here to see if this is something they do.

5. LEGO Club Magazine

Kids can also receive a free LEGO Club magazine subscription in the mail each and every month. This magazine is filled with LEGO news, build tutorials, games, and other cool stuff any LEGO fan will love.

6. Second Hand Shops

Whether you enjoy hunting charity shops and carboots or like the more direct route of the LEGO category on eBay. There are bargains to be had. eBay sellers are quite savvy and often sell by the kilogram so it is worth looking out for local sellers or “collection only”. Even if a collection only sale isn’t convenient for you, there’s a hack around this, you can read more here. In charity shops you’re likely to find incomplete set but then you can visit eBay for specific replacement parts. I picked up this HUGE box of random LEGO parts for only £7.50. Plus it helps a charity at the same time.

free & discounted LEGO

find free & discounted lego