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pizza express for lessWhen it comes to treat/cheat day, in the ThriftyHouse we love pizza so I’ve put together a list of how we enjoy Pizza Express for less.

  1. Pizza Express makes a regular appearance on the O2 Priorities app. They frequently offer a main course for only £5 (normal prices are around twice this price).

    pizza express for less

  2. Pizza Express offer a student discount. Your NUS extra card gives you 40% off your food and drink bill at PizzaExpress on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 20% off your food and drink bill on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. You’ll need one NUS extra card for every 10 people – but if there are more of you on your table, you can use many cards. For example, if you and 9 friends are dining then you’ll need one card, but if there are 11 of you you’ll need to show a second card. If you want an NUS card but aren’t a student, then have a read here of how to get one.
  3. Iceland supermarket have an amazing range of Pizza Express pizzas and pasta which are perfect for eating out at home. They also offer home delivery with a minimum spend of £25. Take a look at the full range here and stock up your express for less
  4. Sign up to the Pizza Express newsletter and leave your date of birth to receive a birthday freebie, normally a bottle of Prosecco.
  5. You can redeem your Sainsbury Nectar points for vouchers so you can eat at Pizza Express for less. Check how many Nectar Points you have here.
  6. Sign up to Zeek and purchase discounted Pizza Express gift cards before visiting the restaurant. You can use these as cash so they’re valid in conjunction with other offers.

pizza express for less

*disclosure – this post contains affiliate links


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