save money on your groceries day 4

Good afternoon! I hope you’re all saving money on your groceries already and apologies to the non-meat eaters but today I bring you news of free bacon!!

CheckoutSmart is another great mobile phone app which can save you money on your weekly shop and this week, as usual, this week they have lots of offers including free bacon, free cider, free yogurts, free porridge, free kids finger food, free smoothies and free pouches of weaning food. There’s a ton of other stuff at discounted prices too including more bacon (!), more yogurts, salmon, macarons, crips and chocolate biscuits.

Each product has a little symbol next to it to indicate which shop the products can be bought from and it also tells you how many times you can claim this offer. There’s currently Organix Goodies Farm Animal biscuits that can be claimed up to 10 times!!

Unless I can get it for free or it’s something which I would be buying anyway, I don’t claim the discounts for the sake of it otherwise my cupboards would be filled with weird and wonderful new products that I’ve spent additional money on – not very thrifty!

Although the products can’t be bought from just any shop, CheckoutSmart do have a great map service built into the app which points out your nearest participating store for that product. So there’s literally the most amazing map ever invented – one which shows me where to get free bacon anywhere in the UK!

Like the other supermarket apps, you just purchase the listed product and click on claim. You then scan the item and take a photo in the app of your receipt. This is another fab way of saving up without noticing as you can cash out your money to suit you. I’m enjoying just letting mine build up!

Hollie x