advent for compingTis the season to be jolly and who wouldn’t be jolly if their Christmas was paid for by competition wins?!

Last year I went comping crazy when advent began and that’s because so many brands get on board with the excitement on the run up to Christmas and hold huge giveaways EVERY DAY during advent for their customers. Of course with everything on social media and online these days, entering comps has never been easier.

A fellow UK Money Blogger, Di Coke, is a pro comper and frequently wins, so much so that she shares footage of the unboxing of her prizes each month. You can subscribe to these fab videos over on her YouTube channel here. Di is also the author of Super Lucky Secrets available from Amazon based on her blog where she shares millions of hints and tips to help other people dabble with competitions.

I have found Di so inspiring, so whilst off sick, comping is what I’m focussing on. I’ve learnt so much from Di and it just so happens that advent falls in the middle of my blogging break so here’s my top 5 tips (plus bonus tip) on what to do during advent to help you win lots of lovely prizes.

  1. Get Organised

    • Know which brands are holding advent comps and make a list of links. Do this as bookmarks or even a Word doc. As long as they’re easily accessible, this will save you time. Check out sites like Loquax and Competition Database who will highlight which companies are doing advent competitions.
  2. Don’t go Crazy

    • It’s easy to get overwhelmed during advent comping as there’ll be so many available to enter but decide on what you actually want to win rather than enter for the sake of it. Again this saves you time and effort but also means that someone who REALLY wants to win it gets more of a chance. Of course, if you do win something unsuitable, you can always re-gift it or sell it on eBay.
  3. Prepare to Stand Out

    • Get plenty of festive pics from last year together. There will be some creative comps. This is when you’re required to put a bit of effort into your entry and will likely have a Christmas theme. Having photos of your decorated tree, family around the dinner table, dressed up in Christmas jumpers or unwrapping gifts will all be useful in case there’s a competition requiring them. Comps with effort required tend to have a lower number of people entering so the odds are in your favour to go the extra mile.
  4. Keep It Affordable

    • Most advent competitions you find on social media will be free to enter. However there will be others, perhaps radio stations and TV channels etc which may have premium rate numbers to call to enter. Either decide on a comping budget or leave well alone if you can’t trust yourself. Read the small print as there is often a free alternative method to enter the competition.
  5. Be Small Business Savvy

    • Small, local businesses simply don’t have the same budgets as large brands to hold comps. They may have smaller prizes of items rather than cash, however don’t dismiss them. The chances of winning are much higher with them as there will be fewer entrants. They’ll appreciate the social following and exposure in exchange so do what you can to support them this Christmas. It’ll be worth it!

      BONUS TIP: Show Appreciation

      • I’m a firm believer in the Laws of Attraction. That’s why I recommend always leaving a public thank you when notified of a win and then sharing a picture of you with the prize so the brand can share it. They really appreciate this as it helps them confirm to their customers and followers that their competitions and prizes are genuine. I then like to think it will attract more luck my ways.


Imagine what it would have looked like under your Christmas tree if you’d been comping all year…

Best of luck and let me know if you win anything!


Hollie x


*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.