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pregnancy freebies

Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting or your little one has already made an appearance there are loads of freebies out there especially for you and your growing family to get your hands on!

When I was expecting ThriftyBaby I didn’t come close to knowing about all the freebies on offer and really wish I’d taken advantage when I could but this year is going to be different.

Each company has a different approach, some will send freebies or vouchers in the post, or by email, some will send discounts on your child’s birthday and many send new things in line with their age as they grow up to retain you as a customer. The Aviva life insurance one is little heard of and could be the most valuable should anything happen to you as a parent.

But on a lighter note, here is my Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy/Baby Freebies – the best way to enjoy pregnancy!

Cow & Gate

Asda Baby Club

SMA Mums Club


Tesco Baby

Emma’s Diary

My Mothercare

Aviva (free life cover for new parents)

Boots Parenting Club

Baby’s R Us Mother & Baby Club

Amazon Family

NHS Healthy Start

Pampers Club

HIPP Baby Club

Heinz Baby Club

AptaClub Baby Club

MAM Baby Club

FisherPrice Family Club

Early Learning Centre Family Club

Mamia Parent Club (Aldi)

Ella’s Kitchen


Here are some of the freebies I’ve accessed so far!

baby freebies

baby freebies

Don’t forget to share pictures of the freebies you receive over on my Facebook page!

Hollie x


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  1. Hi Tina,
    You need to click on each link and register with them separately. I’m afraid the freebies aren’t coming directly from me hun x

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