beverley rocksBeverley Rocks is a thrifty new craze that’s sweeping through the summer holidays this year!

Beverley Rocks is a community on Facebook full of parents who have been encouraging their children to paint, hide and hunt for rocks that have been hidden in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Rocks when found have a message on them inviting the person post a picture on the Beverley Rocks Facebook Page. Then the finder can either re-hide the rock or keep it.

It’s a great way to get the kids out into the fresh air and explore their local area.

All of the rocks are painted and then sealed so the paint doesn’t run in the inevitable summer rain. There are even local businesses using the craze as advertising. Move With Peppa, are a local business that offers family dance sessions and have painted their rocks in line with their business. TC Pattiserie have also got in on the action of thrifty advertising whilst everyone is enjoying rocking!

beverley rocksbeverley rocks

The rocks are not limited to being hidden in Beverley either. Surrounding areas are getting in on the act but all the rocks are still part of the Beverley Rocks movement.

Owner of the Facebook group, Sally Beaton McIntosh got the idea from the United States and it seems to be a big hit with parents wanting to find thrifty ways to keep their children entertained over the school holidays.

If you would like to give “rocking” a go here’s a few tips from Sally:

  • You can buy cobbles by the bag full from local garden centres.
  • If you’re picking up rocks or pebbles from a beach, do so sparingly. It is best to check with the Local Authority first.
  • Use acrylic paint and then a sealant to ensure the rain doesn’t wash away your masterpiece. Lots of “rockers” are using Mod Podge. Just make sure its the dishwasher safe one to ensure it is waterproof. You can get it here from Amazon or here from Hobbycraft (cheaper and you can get another 15% off on your first purchase.)
  • You can also use sharpies, markers, coloured pencils whatever you want really. Just be careful with the markers, they do bleed with the sealer. Let it dry first, then use the spray sealer and that does help with bleeding.
  • Don’t forget to write on the back of your rocks where to post a picture. I put, ” You found me. Please post my picture on Beverley Rocks Facebook page. Keep or re-hide.”
  • Remember to share photos (front and back of the rock) once you find it. Just head over to the Beverley Rocks Facebook page.
  • When hiding your rocks, make sure it is in a safe place and wont damage any machinery (lawn mowers etc) or fall on anyone. Ask a business first if the land isn’t public.

Sally also suggests that you take a bag along to pick up any litter whilst you’re hunting for rocks. Only if this is safe and appropriate to do so.

Here’s some pictures from local parents of their little ones finding lots of painted rocks.

The best days out have batteries not included 😉

If you’re visiting the area, I also highly recommend a walk around BridgeHead Woods or another thrifty activity for families. You can read my review here.



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