When I told my dad I was going to be reviewing a camera drone his first reaction was “That’s not very thrifty!” I couldn’t help asking him how much he thought it would cost to buy. “Atleast £100?” Except they’re not! There’s a huge misconception that they’re an extravagant purchase whereas the reality is far from it. At only £39.99 from Maplin, you can buy a very decent spec camera drone with memory card. Therefore this becomes a really interesting product to gift someone as it appears so much more expensive!

The camera drone arrives!

When I received the X-Cam Quadcopter, I was surprised at how light weight it was. It was also very simple to put together. In fact all I had to do was add the landing feet to the camera drone and it was ready to go. This means it would be a perfect gift for kids at there’s so little assembly. I know what it’s like quickly scrambling around for a tiny screw drivers and batteries to appease the screaming child hanging off your leg wanting to play with their newest toy.

camera drone

Preparing to fly…

Except it wasn’t exactly box fresh ready to fly. I hadn’t realised that it would need charging before it went anywhere *face palm moment*. Once charged, I then had to wait for decent weather and unfortunately the camera drone arrived just in time for the summer rain storms. It felt like all odds were against us in trying out our new toy but the camera drone held its charge and was ready to fly once again.

camera drone

Ease of use?

I pride myself on being a fairly good driver but this is a totally different ball game. The handset is quite sensitive so very little movement can nudge the camera drone  into a different direction in a second. Thankfully there is a button for the drone to return to handset and I suspect this is going to be very handy for me.

Word of warning!

I had the foresight to anticipate that the X-Cam Quadcopter might take some getting used to. That’s why I waited until the kids were napping before making my debut flight. The first time it went up , it flew straight at me and my natural reaction was to thrash my arm out of it to protect my face! It landed fine on the grass though and was ready to try going up again.

camera drone

The ease of the camera…

I’m sure that it is my lack of experience with camera drones that is limiting how much footage I’ve been able to get so far. However, the quality is good, although I wouldn’t have said HD if I compare it to my HD TV at home. For less than £40 though, you really can’t complain. The X-Cam Quadcopter includes an 8GB SD card and you can get more from this link to save you time.

So how’s it saved you money????

During the aforementioned down pours we have recently experienced, we discovered two roof leaks! Yet more expensive and builders for us to deal with. However, for repairs that need doing I’m always wary of getting quotes for work where I can’t see the full extent of the damage for myself. Having the camera drone meant that we could fly it up and take photos of the tear in the lead roof and see whether we needed anything else doing at the same time. As we would be paying for the scaffolding to be erected anyway, this has saved us money by having another job done whilst our flat roof is getting repaired as we’re only paying once for the scaffold.

How else could it save me money??

I am also going to be using some aerial drone pictures of my grandma’s house to help in the sale of her property. Having these images will add value to lots of projects that I get involved in.


It’s a great piece of kit! Great value for money. Very simple to use straight out of the box. Doesn’t take long to charge. Good quality camera for the price. Impressive gift idea for all the family (suitable age advice is 14+).

*Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Maplin who provided this X-Cam Quadcopter to review and contains affiliate links.