cheap thrills

Spending money is a lot easier than saving money, isn’t it?

While that may be placed firmly in the category of teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, there is a point behind this. There are so many more spending options for us, but still the same old methods of saving money. You can get saddled with so much debt in the click of a mouse but trying to put money aside for a holiday seems like an impossible task unless you live the frugal existence and live off tinned fish for months (which may be cheap but boy does it make your breath pong!).

It’s difficult to go without now because everything is so expensive. So, what’s the solution in a time where everything is so expensive that it’s impossible to get saving? It’s all about habit.

Really, we are all creatures of habit, and once a way of living is ingrained into us, we can very comfortably live within our means.

It’s just that we need to get to that point first! And it can be very difficult when we have the grim spectre of debt hanging over us. An idea I would suggest would be to do what you can to make a fresh start. There are debt consolidation loans and secured loans to improve credit for those people the banks won’t touch with a barge pole.

Your credit score is vital, especially if you want to buy a house, and as the banks will look at your borrowing history, getting into the right habits for spending is something that will make a lot of sense right now. And getting a loan that pays off all the other debt resets the counter to zero in many ways. It gives you a baseline to operate from in terms of repaying your debt, and it is one piece of debt rather than many.

Money-saving habits can be formed by simple things, where you shop, how much money you take out of the cash machine, the brands you buy, and the list goes on.

It’s a difficult concept to get your head round when you are used to a certain type of sauce or buy your veg from one supermarket. But it is much cheaper to buy a brand that does the same job for a lot less. And even stores like Home Bargains have a lot of the quality brands anyway!

If you have additional space in your home, it might be cheaper to buy the quality brands in bulk. The trick of saving money is all about getting into the money-saving habit. They say it can take anywhere from 21 days to 2 months to form a habit, which is why we don’t stick to our cheaper brands, but once we’ve nailed it, we not only have a cheaper shopping bill, but we can finally start to see the money accrue in our bank account. Habits are hard to break, we all know this, but breaking the habit of excessive spending is one we have to get out of.