designer kitchenDreaming of a designer kitchen? Has Nigella’s latest show got you feeling envious? Is your taste in kitchens more luxurious than your budget? It doesn’t have to be. There is a way to get a designer kitchen without the price tag, whatever your budget. You just have to be thrifty. Here’s how to do it!

£££ – Ex display kitchen

If you have a budget which doesn’t stretch to a brand new kitchen, you should consider ex-display kitchens. These are kitchens which have been taken straight from the showroom to make room for new stock. As a result, you get a kitchen which has never been used for a fraction of the price. This method of purchasing is ideal if you have your heart set on a contemporary kitchen, as you can get a stunning kitchen that is trend focused. Used Kitchen Exchange is an approved re-seller of ex-display kitchens, including glossy German kitchens. If you’re the type of person who struggles to imagine how a showroom kitchen would work in your home, fear not, as they have a 3D visualisation service. If you can provide a floor plan, their talented team of designers will show you how that stylish kitchen will work in your humble abode.

What you can expect to pay: Prices start at £4000 for an ex-display.

designer kitchen

££ – Used Kitchen

Not bothered about a kitchen that is fresh from the showroom? Think about a used kitchen. Often, kitchens are sold because they are not to the homeowner’s taste, so you can grab a bargain in return for a kitchen which has been barely used. Used kitchens are perfect for adding your own stamp to – it’s better to buy one which is slightly too big and reconfigure it to work in the space you have. If you opt for a classic wooden shaker style, you can upcycle the units for a designer look. If it’s your lucky day, you might be able to find a kitchen which has appliances included, to save extra pennies.

What you can expect to pay: Prices start from £1,500 for a used kitchen.

designer kitchen

£ – Regenerating Your Existing Kitchen

If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying a different kitchen, why not try and regenerate the one that you have? You’d be surprised at the effects that small changes can have. If you’re not overly bold with your interior design, try changing your cabinet handles. If you’re feeling a bit braver, get to grips with some paint and change the colours of your units.  Dark colours look striking, and can make your kitchen more unique. If money is really tight, spend it on accessories. Shelves, lighting and plants are all subtle changes that make a big difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen.

What you can expect to pay: As little as you like! A tin of paint is £10, new handles for your cabinets will be around £2 each, and a new lighting fixture can cost as little as £20.

Getting a kitchen like Nigella’s doesn’t mean you have to have her budget. Be creative and make your budget work for you, rather than compromising.

*Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.